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  1. I saw the dread phrase ‘we should be at the heart of Europe’ used here in the UK some weeks back Groandad.

    Wait until the farmers in Ireland realise that all subsidies will be disappearing over the next ten years. At top level the Chinese won’t play ball on adjusting their currency so that European and US exports can recover … they are signalling strongly that they want EU and North American subsidies whittled down.

    Good luck to the IFA taking on the Chinese government. The US is fucked in that argument because the Chinese currently hold $2trillion in US currency and can dump or revalue the dollar at will.

    While everybody else was playing crusaders the Chinese were playing Monopoly. And now they hold the bank.

    Next agricultural trade talks will see this playing out- guaranteed.

  2. I have a feeling we are going to be hearing a lot of disgruntled people whinging in the near future.  All I can say to them is that they had their opportunity and the fucking eejits were taken in by the government’s rhetoric, and blew their last chance.

  3. Yep. I heard a lot of apparently smart people talking up the importance of Ireland being at the heart of Europe.

    The delusional stupidity of the Irish electorate knows no bounds when it comes to the failure to understand that Ireland has 0.3% of the voters of the EU and to many in Brussels, Paris and Berlin we are just a little rock off the coast.

    The IFA sold out in return for cotinued demands for farm subsidies. The main political parties sold out for the prospect of personal career enhancement in Brussels. The electorate sold out because they were told it would mean jobs.

    The church weirdos switched because they thought they were given guarantees against abortion and other middle eastern cult concerns and this week I believe Irish law is to be challenged on abortion in the European Court.

    No offense to those few at home who are smart enough to spot a trap but there is a horrible naivete abroad in Ireland and I think it is because of the constant brain drain associated with emigration.

  4. We already suffer those draconian restrictions on our right to enjoy a perfectly legal activity here in England ..

    The latest “wheeze” (if you’ll forgive the pun) is to have “Inspectors” call at your door to see whether you smoke at home ..

    All I can say is .. May God have mercy on the first “Jobsworth” onanist who knocks on my front door & attempts to dictate what goes on inside my home ..

    The face full of 2nd hand St Bruno will be the least of it …

    The best bit is that “Druggies”, whose intake is entirely illegal are able to register as “Disabled” as a result of their own vicious habits …

    Bloody hell .. you couldn’t make it up !!!

  5. Cap’n Con – If ever you want the Irish to follow you, just appeal to some basic selfish streak.  What the fuck does independence matter if you are getting an extra cent subsidy on a gallon of milk, or the promise of fity non-exstant jobs?

    Cap’n Haddock – What the fuck is it with all these captains?  Don’t forget – we were hammered with the smoking shit first.  Smoking inspectors will me more than welcome at my place.  When the dog and Herself have fininshed with him, I’ll chuck the remains in the landfill.  No fucker is ever going to tell me what I can do in my own house.

    Mick – Jayzus but he knows how to waffle!  I’m no wiser now that at the beginning, and I don’t think he is either.  Maybe his problem is that he doesn’t know how to describe the EU without scaring the shit out of people?

    Manuel – Guten tag, mein herr.  Heh!

  6. Problem is that if Greece doesn’t control their budget then they risk causing defaults on debt and a domino effect on institutions throughout Europe and wider, Lehman’s style. Global recession II, the slightly embarrassing sequel.

    Because there are several sick ones in the house, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, the EC can’t afford to allow the sickest to push the others over the edge and infect the currently healthy.

    But the rest of the stuff is unnecessary. It seems the creep is inevitably leading us to the US of E. Of course that would provide us with the oxymoronical acronym USE.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. And tomorrow there’ll be more of the same =-.

  7. According to all we have been told about the EU, it should be offering help and advice to Greece?  Now that the Treaty is in though, the EU is not only telling, but threatening them.  “Do as we fucking say or we come in and sort you out”.  The damned treaty is only ratified a wet Monday and the gloves are coming off.

  8. I have been told before that there is a section of the population which only understands two things- bribery and fear.

    I have no money to give them.

  9. very good article
    unfortunately we who voted no are going to suffer as well.
    a cop told me last summer expect a raft of regulation to follow a yes vote including an nct for ALL vehicles anually to be introduced within 3 years. they are already planning to do this for 10 year old cars next year.
    and then theres the ‘yes for jobs’ , all ive seen are job losses

  10. Welcome Stephen.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they brought in an annual NCT test.  It makes sense – it would over double their income, and would have no benefit whatsoever to the rest of us.   I wonder if we could demand a third referendum?  I could guarantee it would be a resounding “no” this time around as every single one of the “yes” campaigns slogans has fallen.

  11. no bother grandad. actually i have a suspicion the NCT, the vat on services and the water charges are just a litmus test to see how people will react. given that there hasnt been any real outrage you can be double sure theres a lot worse to come.

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