The Perfect Pipe — 19 Comments

  1. And there was I thinking you were alluding to something that I’d have to keep a lookout for on a Saturday night. 😉

  2. Shameless, Groandad. Utterly, irredeemably shameless. Mind you they do look nice. Hmmm ….

  3. I have many of Elie’s Pipes. They smoke perfectly and truly all handmade works of Art.. I also retail his work at my retail smoke shops

  4. not twitter? A bong please~

    apparently your brain may have been in that same coke bottle you use as a bong~

  5. Arhonda – You are strange?  Dodging prefect pipes on a Saturday?  Weird.

    Not Twitter – Unfortunately that’s out of the question.  I don’t go for Coke – too sweet and sickly.

    Cap’n Con – There is no harm in trying?  I’m going to keep an eye on the post, just in case…..

    Elliot – Great!  He truly is a genius in the world of pipes?  I think if I won the lottery, I’d have racks of them, purely for decoration.

  6. Nice little post Grandad ..

    I’m something of a traditionalist .. so, sadly these pipes are just not for me ..

    I have a dozen pipes, all of which .. apart from two are Petersons .. either Briar or Meerschaum .. Give me a nice Peterson any day ..

    Last time I was in Dublin I bought three new ones .. well, it would have been rude not to .. Lol

    As regards the “goo” problem .. I have a lovely Peterson “Killarney” which takes 9mm filters .. so no problems there ..

    I’ve also tried the little wire gauze filters in the bottom of the bowl (better than the chalk jobbies, which tend to disintegrate) ..

  7. I not the kids in this town have taken up the pipe too. There’s some sort of shop cafe place near where I live and they are all in there day n night puff puffing away….dirty bleeders…
    .-= manuel´s last brainfart .. Dinos etc =-.

  8. Cap’n H – I have a Peterson or two [or three?] myself.  The trouble with the filters is you have to keep replacing them which can be messy.  One of the things I like about the new one is that it is effectively filtered with no replaceable parts.  Ever try a churchwarden?

    Manuel – I thought you had been to New York?  Or was it New Amsterdam all the time?

  9. Hmmm .. I wonder which filters you’ve been using if you find them messy to change Grandad ?

    I use Vauen “Dr Perl” (a German brand) & find that by changing it daily, there’s no mess & it isn’t totally soaked in goo either ..

    No .. I’ve never tried a Churchwarden .. I’ve had a go at a Clay pipe .. it didn’t last long .. Lol

    The pipes which tend to get smoked most often are all Peterson’s .. a Donegal “Rocky” in a Sherlock Holmes style .. a sand-blasted Meerschaum & my “Killarney” in polished Briar ..

  10. Bernadette here has a nice old collection of clay pipes she found during low tide on the River Thames, London. They’re a few hundred years old and I think they were sold with the tobacco in them. They’d get chucked once they were used.
    .-= mick´s last brainfart .. Global Irish Network =-.

  11. Cap’n H – It’s not so much that they are messy to change – it’s more a case of having yet another thing to cart around all the time. I was always running out of the damned things. You should try a churchwarden sometime. It’s an excellent smoke, but the fecking pipe is so brittle that it is very easy to damage. I had two, and they both snapped.

    Mick – Why are you sending your missus into the Thames mud at low tide? Is there something that I’m missing?

  12. I use a “combination” pouch Grandad .. with zippered compartments for my pipe, pipe-tool & space for a lighter and a couple of filters ..

    Just the one thing in the pocket .. Lol

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