Paedophilia and prostitution — 17 Comments

  1. Grandad, he’d say, fetish boots, fishnets and make up, every 9 yr old just wants to dress up and have fun.

    He’s a cunt though, and look what he’s turned the older one into. Miley “plug”, another unnecessarily rich brand, sorry, kid who’s childhood was sacrificed for god knows what reason.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. As heard on TV =-.

  2. Does every 9 year old want to dress like a hooker?  I doubt it.  Dressing up in mammy’s [or daddy’s] clothes is grand, but putting that kind of crap on the market to encourage other kids?  Children should be allowed to be children and not mini-adults,

  3. Yes Grandad, I find this deeply disturbing…and what sane/normal parent would let their child out of the house wearing what she has on in that picture? Our world is turning into quite the disgusting place when we encourage NINE year olds to dress in such a sexual manner.

  4. Sicko bastard .. saw an easy way to make a fast Buck & grabbed it with both of his grubby little hands ..

    The man needs a damned good Horse-whipping !!

  5. Does anyone remember Jonbenet Ramsey, an eight year old who turned up dead in her parents basement many hours after being reported missing by those same adoring parents who had whored her out to every beauty pagent for pre-pubescents they could get her into? I feel safe in saying that everybody except the judiciary of the state of Colorado knows that the parents are involved in the death of that misfortunate girl but like in the O.J. case before, nobody has the balls effect blind justice. Too many connections, too little truth. R.I.P. Jonbenet.

  6. I remember that case.  Yet another example of parents trying to make up for their own inadequacies through their child.  Sick.

  7. It’s not just the Cyrus family, take Puppychild into any department store and check out the ‘tween’ section. I wonder if she’d fancy any of it! Adult clothes for young children. Disgusting, then any parent who buys this rubbish for their 9 year old is a moron.

  8. Theres a show here in the states called Toddlers & Tiaras, and its the most disturbing show I have ever watched. It follows different toddlers who are in those beauty pageants…and the things their parents make them do are just unbelievable.

    Like in one episode, the mom told her 4 year old child that she had to get a spray tan, even though the child kept telling her mom no, and crying…but her parent kept saying “but you just wont look as good as the other little girls, they are all getting it done…you need to do it too” And another little girl who like created an alter-ego for show days and during practice and wouldn’t answer to anyone unless they called her by her other name…DISTURBING!

  9. Baino – I also blame the magazines that they produce for kids now.  I confess I’m not that familiar with them, but I have seen loads of reports on articles giving advice to kids on “how to impress your boyfriend” and “how to kiss properly” not to mention all the shit about makeup and fashion.  hildren these days apparently are not allowed to be children?

    Shannon – I have seen a few programmes about those American “beauty pageants”.  Talk about the sexualisation of children!!  They are made up to look like twenty year olds with the clothing and makeup to match.  The parents of those kids get all they deserve in later life, but I feel so sorry for the children.

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