Research into the cure for a hangover — 11 Comments

  1. What on earth are you on about?  As for the rhubarb – who says shit is good for nothing?  Heh!

  2. In fairness, Fizzs banjo playing came a long way in the course of the night.

    (Fizzs… Fizzes… Fizz’s… i can say it, i just cant spell it)

  3. Research? research? I think you are using the word ‘research’ so that you appear in google searches….you did it before. As for guinea pigs – roast them – check this – you won’t see it in McDonald’s, Supermacs maybe.

    I’m surprised you get hangovers. You seem so level headed and calm. Or maybe that’s a relative view – relative to my black bush mornings (not shirley bassey – that’s a black bush and red).
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Joycean Defamation, A Blogger Apologises =-.

  4. That’s it then, you’ve cracked it GD! You’d better get a patent out on Sandy immediately if not sooner. He doesn’t seem to be noticing Minnie tearing lumps out of his backside either – but will he thank you GD, when with a distribution of approx. 2 dog hairs (?) per hungover person per population, he will be bald by teatime?

  5. Frank – I dubbed the didlly-eye music [which incidentally is a mandolin] on because on the original soundtrack, all you could hear was Fizz moaning and groaning.  Not pleasant.  The plural of Fizz is Fizzzzzz.

    Kerryview – Actually that was a drop of literary licence.  If I told the truth and said that it was Herself that had the hangovers, she would only get miffed again.

    Geri – Sandy is well aware of what is going on.  She [yup – female – a fucking housefull of females here] has adopted the guinea pigs as puppies and I think they think she’s their mother.  Some day, I’m going to have to gently break the news.  As you may notice from her somewhat untidy appearence, she’s moulting [very heavily] at the moment so I literally have sacks of the stuff.  Want some?  €20 a pinch.

  6. I think there was EU legislation regarding the conversion of legacy currencies into euro values. Under the EU directive Minnie is a €1.31 pig and in plural form would be €2.62

  7. Us ladies spend a fair amount of cash on that calibre of pluckage down the salon. Can I book her for a Brazilian?
    .-= K8´s last brainfart .. El Duderino =-.

  8. Ian – If it’s all right with you, I’ll stick with the miles, the ounces and the guineas.  The EU can go and suck themselves.

    K8 – And wouldn’t she be the quare sight with a Brazillian?  If, after all your pluckage, you have some hair you want to dispose of,  just think of the hungry guinea pigs?  Just make sure it’s from the hat and not the handbag.

  9. Hmmm, I think I’ll stick with the warm beer sitting on the top of the fridge routine if it’s all the same to you. Besides, I don’t own a dog at the moment.

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