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  1. Clearly his ball-bag should be slit and his dangling nuts immersed in vinegar, daily, for 3 years, whilst he’s in custody but I’m not sure if that might infringe on his human rights.

    These mitigating excuses, sorry, factors, perplex me too. So if your parents divorce and you grew up impoverished that somehow partly exonerates any, however heinous, crime you decide to commit?
    People aren’t expected to be responsible, to be held to account. Are we to believe that these people grew up not knowing these things are wrong? Bollocks. And even if we were since when was ignorance of the law allowed as a defence?

    Men who rape their own kids, you can’t get much more inhuman than that, can you? I wish him a long, slow, painful death. I’m sure it’s good to know your taxes will be spent keeping him warm, well fed and with as much Sky Sports as any man can take.
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  2. The sentences handed down to these people never cease to amaze me.

    That swimming coach bloke who abused for years got a 6 year stretch, and his barrister tried to argue that he should receive a shorter sentence for good work done?


  3. Why the confusion paps. There is no ‘standardised’ justice system in this godforsaken country.
    You get jail for not paying for the TV.
    You get a holiday away if you fuck up a bank and steal billions.
    You get the sherrif sent by the VATman ten days after you miss a payment.
    You get ‘fined’ €100k if you write about someone on a blog no one reads.
    You get maybe 5 years actual for murder, especially if you are a scumbag.
    If you are Malcom McArthur you never get out.

    Confusion? There is none.

    I will now drive to the pub for a few pints and a black bush.
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  4. There is something deeply wrong in Irish society and Irish psychologists need to come out and say what it is.

    Its got a lot to do with the perception that ultimate control over another (and usually vulnerable) human being equals sex.

    I can’t help thinking that Ireland traditionally has been a famously repressed society in terms of sexuality. I think a lot of this kind of thing went on but its only now that the state institutions are allowing it into the courtroom.

    Some professions in Ireland (Psychologists & Psychiatrists) know what it is but are still too frightened to come out and say it.

    Sooner or later….

  5. Not Twitter – I like the idea of the ball-bag/vinegar treatment!  With a bit of luck, he will be raped himself over the years.  Let’s see how he likes it?

    TT – Heh!  Did he have a bad dose of the squits?

    Maxi – By all accounts if you can prove you were drunk/high at the time, it is a major mitigating factor.  I can’t understand why.  If you rape someone, I don’t give a shit if you are otherwise a saint – you still deserve the full punishment.

    Kerryview – As always, you are right.  The justice system here is fucked up and weighted purely on the basis of who you are [and who you know].

    Cap’n – A very interesting and plausible theory.  Once again we can blame the Catholic Church for that.

    Kate – It seems to be particularly bad here though.  Mind you – I did hear about your policeman [PC Shiny Buttons!] who took great delight in fining a van driver for blowing his nose while stopped at traffic lights, and fining another bloke £50 for littering [the latter accidentally dropped a £10 note].

  6. Certainly the church and its grip on Irish society, the constant drip of condemnation of normal human sexual urges and of course its completely unnatural demand that priests and nuns remain celibate has had a huge part to play in the sort of psychoses you see among the religiously deranged.

    It explains the sadism of nuns who turn vicious and lash out at the daily reminder of what is denied them- children.

    With priests in religious orders it isn’t homosexuality that made them abuse children- it is an eruption of an unnatural suppression of normal human urges. A twisted psychology suppressed until it breaks out and damages those under their control. Rape is always about control and never about sex.

    The catholic church has damaged Ireland psychologically over centuries and the social mess we ended up with is a direct result of it.

    ‘Fight the real enemy’ the girl said. She was right. And then she went nuts.

  7. Captain – In the good old days, this country was riddled with complexes.  Having been taught by The Brothers, I know where that came from.  Sex was something filthy and the mere thought of it meant eternal damnation.  I was once hauled to the headmasters office because I had been spotted talking to a Spawn of the Devil [a girl] one evening.  I remember going to Retreats where every single sermon was on the evils of women and sex.

    Thank God I turned out normal.


  8. That’s a fucking insane ruling, if you ask me! They should sentence him to infinite life sentences, demasculinise him, and have some burly homophile come in everyday to rape him!

    There is no excuse, no matter how horrendous one’s childhood might have been, that could excuse anyone from doing that or anything else. The problem these days is that no one is held accountable for his or her actions. In the old days, a man that would do such a horrific act would have had a bullet in his head or a knife in his chest five seconds after the neighbourhood and family found out.

    Sadly, we’ve had several cases in the states that were similar. If your jails are anything like ours, he’ll be dead within a month anyway. As you may know, criminals may be thought of as the scum of the earth but they hate rapist, especially child rapist, as badly as the rest of us.

    This PC shite is on my last nerve! 🙂
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  9. Jefferson Davis is right. The sentence itself may be ludicrous but his ten years in prison will bring him equal payment paid nearly every single day he’s there. That is, if he lives the full ten years…which he probably won’t.

  10. Captain Con
    I think your theory of abuse being caused by clerical celibacy falls down when you consider that Buddhist monks and nuns are also celibate and during my time in Thailand I have never heard of anyone being abused by them. Most boys are required to spend at least 3 months attached to a monastery so the opportunity presents itself but it still doesn’t seem to happen,
    I think there’s something intrinsically wrong in the Catholic attitude, not to sex, but to the abuse of children.

  11. Hi KB thats an interesting point- but do Buddhists instill a guilt complex about sexual matters among young people?

    As far as I am aware Buddhists are more in tune with nature and natural instincts and have a philosophy built around mankin’s place in the scheme of things where catholicism is built around an unnatural view of mankind…

    What do you think?

  12. You’re right of course Captain. I fact sexuality seems to treated as part of the human condition. Although in rural areas sex outside marriage is very much frowned upon.

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