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  1. I feel some considerable sympathy for your wife. Thirty five years of rolling her eyes on a daily basis must take it’s toll. I imagine they’re moving continually in circles these days.
    Remember to wear your asbestos socks at the weekend in case she decides to wake you by tickling your feet with a blowtorch.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Jolie and Pitt split, oh sh*t =-.

  2. Hey! What’s this?  I go away for a while and come back to find people sympathising with her??  For fuck’s sake – she has had a great thirty five years.  I gave her a roof over her head, didn’t I?  I feed her occasionally, don’t I?  I even let her have the odd vodka [on her birthday], don’t I?

    TT – Drop me a mail, and we’ll discuss prices.

  3. Hey, Jelly Monster!  You ended up in my Spam folder.  Mind you – suggesting I buy her a ring does constitute spam, so I think I’ll put you back there.

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