Irish Blog Awards – Part Deux — 23 Comments

  1. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this year. Can’t believe it was almost a year ago when we trashed the Cork Airport International Hotel.

    Time flies. Mind you I think it will be hard to top last year. I was suffering for days after. And in hiding for weeks!
    .-= robert´s last brainfart .. Server Administrator in Training =-.

  2. Manuel – Missed you last year!  So we have two years drinking to catch up on?  Should be fun……

    Eolaí – That reminds me – time I got a trim myself.  I haven’t had a cut since last August.  The dog is making gooey eyes at me..

    Robert – So you are another one they barred?  You should persevere more.  Never mind.  Maybe they’ll have forgotten by next year?

    Rick – I didn’t think you hung around this cess-pit?  I thought you had forsaken blogs for that fucking Twitter?  Looking forward to it anyway – bring plenty of cash.  Heh!


  3. Rick – Well, at least it got you off Twitter for ten seconds?

    Darren – Count me in.  Though I don’t go to cause trouble; it just seems to happen.

  4. That’s within driving distance so I may be able to make it, and would love to put some names to faces, I’ll admit. So it’s a maybe.

    Of course it takes me so long to decide these things that by the time I make up my mind, it will be booked out. We’ll see. I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever the crowd is!

  5. If you do make it, Susan, I’ll be the hairy one sleeping in the corner surrounded by empty pint glasses.  Or there again, that could be Bock?  Or Eolaí? Or Twenty?

  6. I’m as much of a blogger as a bag of cats let off in PC World, but i’m thinking of heading along for the session. Especially since it’s up the road from me.

  7. I used to be worried when they were Radisson SAS hotels – visions of blokes in balaclavas swooping into the dining room to nick the muesli – blu is an even odder name.

    Whoever runs the awards refuses to have a religious section, despite the churches being the biggest organizations in the country, so I have invoked a fine series of Old Testament curses upon him/her/them.

    Can’t go anyway, it clashes with the one day a week that I work.

  8. Welcome, Mike – Aren’t we all?  Are they actually letting Galwegians in though?

    Ian – I had the same thoughts about the SAS hotels.  Having survived the Europa though, I’m not worried.  Why don’t you throw a sickie?

    Maxi – Oh fuck!  If yourself, Bock, Twenty, Manuel and myself accidentally meet, we may form a critical mass, and the hotel will end in a critical mess.  This should be good.  😈


  9. All of 31 days in March and someone had to pick the 27th!! I was looking forward to hiding in a corner and people watching but I’ve a family thingimijig on that day.

    Sure,maybe next year….

    Enjoy, and good luck! 🙂

  10. Arhonda – You are probably safer away from the place.  It is beginning to look like it could turn out to be quite a session.

  11. I meant to come. I even called ahead. However there seems to be a bit of a bother with my “paperwork”. I was told if I stayed exactly where i was, someone would be by to assist.

    We”ll see; it’s to nice to stay indoors today.

    I’m sure I’ll be able to resolve everything in time.
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. iNeed and the Bay Smackdown =-.

  12. March 27th? Hell, that’s my birthday! If someone would kindly front me airfare (bed and board, tickets, etc, etc) I’d love to attend.

    By the way, Grandad, I nominated you for Best Food/Drink Blog, Best Youth Blog and Best Arts and Culture Blog. That ought to screw them right up.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Triple Whammied =-.

  13. Last two years I’ve managed to find ‘official business’ back home and blag a free flight.

    They’ve copped on a bit at work though. Might not happen this year.

    The image of hotel staff being trampled to death when the ‘resident’s bar’ opened will haunt me forever. That and the no cash crack. I seriously thought there was going to be violence over that.
    .-= Hangar Queen´s last brainfart .. Perspective =-.

  14. i make the trouble makers list…. 😉

    big difference between brain fart and old fart! ye git

    see ye there

  15. Hangar – Tell ’em it is essential to the future of the business!  I’m not worried about the ‘no cash’ thing this year – I’m bringing a crow-bar for the till.

    Peter – A brain fart is a random, unexpected thought.  An old fart is not me.  I know the difference.

  16. what? attend? meet real people? shit you can’t be serious. bar you, they are probably all young fucks twittering on their iphone. i’m from the system 10 era. s36, pdp11 and all that. even so i just got an iphone. twit me from the show. at least it’s in the wesht.
    .-= kerryview´s last brainfart .. Suicide is Cheaper than Death by Car Crash =-.

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