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  1. I once placed an ad. in the newspaper for a job in which I described the successful applicant as being self motivated and got a reply from someone who said he was not self motivated as he had to sell his car..
    I would have had serious problems with the job centre on that one !!

  2. The iPads are pure crap.

    And I can’t actually believe the job centre did that ….it’s probably just someone exaggerating to get some attention. They probably had “No blacks” or something like on the advertisement.

    I have concluded that people are stupid.

  3. Personally I agree with the state of things as you see them. If we would all make a point of telling people they’re full of shite, then the world would become a better place because the idiots would learn to stay quiet, and things would actually get done.
    .-= Stepford Mom´s last brainfart .. A fairly painless start =-.

  4. King’s Bard – And did he get the job?  Or did you specify that he had to be literate too?

    Kae – Aw, for fuck’s sake!!!  I thought I was being ironic.  That is fucking insane.

    Hermia – I think it is serious enough.  The world is so mad these days that it has the unfortunate ring of truth about it.

    S Mum – Heh!  Let’s do it!  And can you imagine a bloke bringing a court case against that ad?  “That advertisement discriminates against me because I’m not reliable”.  Fuck!!!

  5. The real irony was that the job was for a sales rep witha a car supplied.
    I was tempted to interview him for the crack but decided against it on cruelty grounds….

  6. I don’t know what an ipad is. Nor do I want to I hasten to add. But it sounds like chicken wings. I agree with you about PC. I mean when did actresses become actors?

  7. I can confirm that we took the advert from the employer and put it onto our website. Every advert goes onto our website and onto the job points.

    “Reliability is important to employers, as it is for Jobcentre Plus – and we welcome ads seeking reliable applicants.”

    Wait a mo. Sounds like the story is false .

  8. King’s Bard – Chicken!  You lack the killer instinct.

    TT – I don’t really know what an iPad is either, but I’m sick of hearing about it.  You would think it was the elixer of youth!!  For some strange reason, the Job Centre seemed quite happy to put it on their web site, but not in-store –

    when Ms Mamo called the Jobcentre Plus in Thetford, Norfolk, the following day she was told that her advert would not be displayed instore.


  9. I’m with you on this PC crap. Might I tell you a recent occurrence that I can’t put on my own blog because our housemates read it?

    As you know, coffeesister and I are staying in a temporary abode with other people who all share a large house. Upon first moving in, I was in the kitchen having a chat with the guy who lives in the room across the hall. We were at that crucial stage where it’d probably be determined in this conversation whether we’re going to get along, not get along, or something in-between. It’s turned out to be kind of the last one.

    Two things for you to know – there are a lot of Mexicans here in California because of our proximity to Mexico. Legal citizens, illegals, second, third and forth generation Mexican-Americans, there are all kinds. Some don’t even speak Spanish. Many others don’t speak English. It depends a lot on if they were born here or just crossed the border.

    The other thing to know is that we get our drivers licenses and registrations at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Everyone here just calls it the DMV for short.

    So during the conversation, which took place in the morning, the new housemate told me he had to go to the DMV later in the day, which is usually a horrendous experience due to long lines, rude civil employees and crowds. Also, for some reason, the DMV offices in these parts seem to always have more Mexicans waiting in line than anyone else. I don’t know why and I’m not saying that’s good, bad or in-between. It’s just an observation. Walk into the local DMV on any given weekday and seventy to eighty percent of the people waiting in line are Mexican.

    So I said to my new housemate, “Oh, you have to go to the Department of Mexican Visitors!”

    That’s my little joke. I made it up long ago, and it’s worked before. It’s solely based on the aforementioned observation that mostly Mexicans visit the place. It usually gets a chuckle.. it once actually got a laugh. Not this time.

    Long pause.. awkward.. he fumbled with the glass he’d just rinsed off at the sink and then grabbed a towel to dry it off. He took a deep breath and then spoke.

    “You know.. my girlfriend’s a Mexican.”

    Shit. I’d insulted his girlfriend! My new housemate! We had to live under the same roof and cross paths to and from the kitchen for the next few months and I, Mr. insensitive, had just insinuated that his girlfriend waits in line at the DMV.

    I think.

    Actually, I’m not sure how I insulted her, but apparently I did. It went downhill from there. We don’t speak much now because why would he want to talk to a raging, bigoted racist like me?

    Fucking PC. Can we move in with you and herself instead?
    .-= rhodester´s last brainfart .. I Think We Have Ghosts =-.

  10. Has that bloke got no sense of humour at all?  You weren’t insulting anyome, so why should he be miffed?  Arsehole.  Of course you can move in with us.  I must warn you that we often spend the evening hurling extreme racist jokes at the television though – you might find yourself being offended?

  11. Having spent an evening or two hurling actual televisions, it seems to be calmer where you are. We’re packing now.

    You can say what you want about Americans once we get there. We’re not offended. Most of the time you’re right, unless you’re just basing it on what you see on the aforementioned television, in which case it’s entirely inaccurate.
    .-= rhodester´s last brainfart .. I Think We Have Ghosts =-.

  12. Welcome Stumpy!  The best crack I have seen today – “The second coming of Christ would be missed if it happened the same day Steve Jobs was launching a product.” over at Caricatures Ireland.

    RhodesTer – I’m delighted to hear you’re on your way.  I’ll see if I can dig out the tent.  You can educate us about Americans and we’ll show you what real people are like.

  13. Spics are everywhere over here now. They are generally hard workers, unlike the niggers whose jobs they took. Now your seppos(septic tanks-yanks) bitch about them being here but the cunts don’t mind them mowing their lawns cheap. Not many dagos and krauts down here in the Southland but loads of tykes and bog trotters. Atlanta has also just been voted the shirt lifting, fudge packing, capital of the USA so we have a shitload of faggots here as well.You don’t see many spazzies though. Guess they lock them all away. Bunch of old twats though that should have been laid to rest yonks ago. Y’all have a nice day now.

  14. A lad that shared a house with me retrained as a teacher while I knew him. Every day for weeks he’d come home and as I was interested in what retraining a professional would have to undergo I used to ask him what they did that day.

    For weeks the answer was ‘diversity’. Strangely worded theory, ‘diversity’, for a country where there are different areas/ghettos for different ethnic groups and where there’s not supposed to be any recognisable difference between people based on culture.

    Shouldn’t it be a ‘Similarity’ policy?

  15. Allan – I always read!  🙂

    Mick – iNsanity.

    Cap’n – Integration?  They never should have invented travel.  It would have saved a lot!

    Cardi – Thanks.  I didn’t look there.  And you’ll be wanting to change the name of floppies next, in order not to offend our erectly dysfunctional friends?

  16. I think the first time I see one of those IPads I’ll have to introduce it to my IBrick.
    Like rock, paper scissors except IBrick always wins.

    I’m sure they’re going to sell loads though. I hope so. Steve Jobs hasn’t been able to afford any new clothes in years, poor bastard.
    .-= not twitter´s last brainfart .. Jolie and Pitt split, oh sh*t =-.

  17. I was going to say something wonderfully iWitty/iSnarky/iSarcastic/iEtc but you all beat me to it. I haven’t stopped iLaughing yet.

    As far as the Job Center not posting the lady’s ad, I would have told them to go iFuck themselves.

    Or would that be considered offensive?
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Blogilo. An excuse for a test post =-.

  18. Why is it called Political Correctness? There is nothing correct about politicians; vultures and sharks the lot of them. Mind you, if I apply for the job of Prime Ministeress (of anywhere) tomorrow and they tell me I’m too old and not qualified for the job, wouldn’t that be two counts of discrimination I could sue the pants off them for? Hmm, shall have to think about this – and if I’ve not forgotten what I’m thinking about by tomorrow morning, I’ll place the ad! Heh! This could be fun….
    .-= Geri Atric´s last brainfart .. FLITTING THOUGHTS =-.

  19. Not Twitter – I suppose anything that helps people away from that Bill Gates fella can’t be all bad?

    Maxi – Will the iWank feature a touch sensitive screen?  Will moving your fingers apart make it bigger??  All these things have to be answered.

    Kirk M – We aim to iAmuse?

    Geri – It’s called Political Correctness because any other name is not politically correct.  I could be sued for calling it bullshit.  As for the Prime Ministeress [Prime Mistress?] job?  Go for it!

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