National crisis averted — 9 Comments

  1. You know Hannah was just over to the house the other night and she…

    Well, I don’t want to unduly excite you, son.

    Oh – did you know your half-brother is also over here and started himself blog a ways back? He’s not quite as cantankerous as you, but he sure does swear more…
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. Please Stand By =-.

  2. You know, I put “heard neighbours sex wet leg bound” into a Google search and this post came up as the top two results. Ad you just posted the damn thing today. And yet I get this strange idea that “heard neighbours sex wet leg bound” was not in “Google Trends” top 20 search phrases for today?

  3. Not Twitter – There is no need to be shy.  There is nothing that wrong about wanting to see the Montana kid play the Uileann Pipes?

    Kirk M – I seem to have a very good relationship with Google.  Quite often I do a search for “Headrambles” to find what I am going to be writing about.  They often have it indexed before I even write it, which saves me a lot of trouble.

  4. We felt that your fingernails were in need of a good cleaning and your nose a good picking, so we axed your ‘net for a time. Sorry, but was the only way to get you to perform these needed chores.
    .-= rhodester´s last brainfart .. God Hates Gaga? Say it ain’t so! =-.

  5. You net connection was down for a bit longer then was planned. The tap the CIA was putting in was conflicting with one from MI5. Finally they took them both out and agreed to use a third one from the NSA.

  6. Manuel – Fuck off.  I hate gloaters.  I should have let you in my spam folder, where I found you.

    RhodesTer – All you had to fucking do was ask.  There is no need for extreme measures.

    Jim C – I might have known the CIA were involved.  How do they always manage to screw everything up?

  7. Hey Doc! I just found you in my spam folder too.  I had a look at Half Bro’s site – fuck me! He’s even older than me!  I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

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