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  1. I’d recommend Cape Clear or any of the islands around Roaringwater Bay Grandad and its easy to get a ferry back and forth to ‘Ireland’ as the islanders say. Skibb is not too far away from Baltimore although I don’t know about the smoking facilities.

    Sherkin Island is a lovely place IMHO but its hard to tell what different people would like. But if you are into West Cork and are an easygoing sort of lad there’s good evenings in the pubs down that way…

  2. Ah. Memories, spent all my summer holidays down in Crookhaven for about 10 years. Of course being relatively poor we stayed in the sand dunes of Barley Cove for free. Some great memories of that place.

    If you are around the East Cork area give me a shout. I can pitch a tent out in the garden for ye.
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  3. Cap’n – The idea of an island holiday appeals.  There is one slight snag though.  For various reasons, I can see us traveling around a lot [we want to see a lot of places] so an island would be a tad restricting.  I went to Clear Island once.  Lovely spot.  And of course I’ll be bringing Herself to carry the bags.  That’s what she’s for.

    Robert – I have great memories of trying to get our old Ford Prefect out of the sand in Barley Cove back in the ’50s.  That was when I started learning my vast store of cuss words.  Herself doesn’t like tents.  Do you have a coal shed?

  4. Is it just me or do two disasters that took the lives of almost four hundred men women and children fall somewhat short of what could reasonably be remembered as “happy days”?

  5. Paulo1 – For God’s sake – the holidays were happy days, not the disasters.  What do you take me for?

    TT – Islands are out, as I said above.  I don’t think there’s a bridge to Craggy Island?

    Robert – It sounds just like home from home.  She’ll be delighted.  Sharon and I will have a double if you have one?

  6. Maybe you should vacation in the city of Bantry, North Dakota. With a population of 19 you could wipe out a whole city.

  7. City?  That is the weirdest place I have ever seen.  It’s a large field laid out with a grid of country lanes in the middle of nowhere!  I wish you lot would stop confusing things by robbing our place names……

  8. 6 miles from Bantry here GD – you realise you’ll be a tourist in our patch, and we’re not as soft as ye wicklow fellas! 😉

    Will keep ear to ground, and if ye’re ‘crossin the border’ in August don’t forget the Ballydehob Summer Festival – well worth a blog post 🙂

    Hotel? Cottage? Tent? Hole in the ground?

    PS: put tractor wheels on motor beforehand!

    Oh, and if you’re on FB – check out (to get in the mood).
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  9. See I only really know Wicklow and I have the most beautiful photos that my Dad took!!!! So… I can’t really help…. I’m off to Singapore in March and from what I can see smoking is banned there!!!!
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  10. I think Will Knott’s place ticks most of those boxes, maybe you should see if you can stay in his house for your holiday 😀

  11. Yes, Becky?
    I know Granddad is a fine old curmudgeon who wouldn’t hurt a fly that didn’t have it coming to him but I think he slipped a gear when he composed that paragraph. Could you just go back and read it again?

  12. Mick – Thanks for the Facebook link [“this content is currently unavailable” What??].  A cottage will be fine.  I have no objections to hotels, but I don’t want Herself to feel spoilt.  As for Wicklow lads being soft?  Hahahahahahaha!!!

    TT – Too flat.

    Kate – Are you going to tell me all about Wicklow?  I’m not sure how I’m going to break this to you but………….. !

    TheChrisD – Will Will not mind having to live in his back garden?  Maybe knott?

    Paulo – For fuck’s sake!!  Stop being so pedantic.

  13. As I suggested to Becky, re-read the effing paragraph. Objecting to linking two horrific disasters with the phrase ‘ happy days’ is anything but pedantic, a word, incidentally, that you don’t seem to understand. Or is that observation also too pedantic for you?

  14. Mick – Why do you keep sending me a link to a page that says “this content is currently unavailable”?

    Paulo – I was using the word ‘pedantic’ there in the sense of insisting on taking the precise literal meaning.  I think it’s a reasonable use of the word?

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