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  1. JC Climate change predicts severe winters in Europe. What is happening is entirely consistant with the model.
    GD Wicklow is one of those funny places that has a lifeboat AND a mountain rescue team. Which shall I send?

  2. Jim C – It would probably be quite cold out?

    Liv – That’s very kind of you.  You have a helicopter?  Just buzz low over my house and I’ll set something on fire to guide you in.

    TT – How often in the past have I mentioned nipping down to the beach for a swim, or how often have I mentioned nipping up the vallys for a hunt?  Which do you think you should send?   [*sigh*]

  3. Mick – Does that mean I’ll be able to do the Simplex Crossword by the end of the week?

    Becky – Herself turned up this afternoon.  Apparently she spent the night in a hay-barn.  She never even got my whiskey!!  At least the Scottish woman had the decency to get the turkey.

  4. As a child I was brought up in the highlands of Scotland, Ullapool to be precise. Every year the town would be cut off due to the snow, I checked it’s cut off right now. I remember one year it was so bad that the town ran out of food so they got some flown in by helicopter. The first shipment? Booze….nice
    .-= manuel´s last brainfart .. Raaadiculous =-.

  5. I’ve got 3 feet of snow in the yard as I write (that includes what went away during a 3 day thaw awhile back), had 3 snow storms already each leaving a foot or better, my gloves are permanently frozen to the snow blower and I can’t get them off, it’s been between -17 to -28 C at night for the last two weeks and the bed clothes are stiff, everyday is clouded over with ever present snow showers leaving an inch or so every 12 hours (not counting the days we have snow storms of course), I haven’t seen the pavement in my driveway for just about two months nor the sun for that matter, my old Jeep Cherokee hasn’t been out of 4WD for two weeks…

    …and I ain’t got any whiskey either! Not even a decent bottle of scotch!!

    Excuse me while I get a glass of water…if the sink hasn’t frozen over.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Wait a minute. It’s 2010? =-.

  6. Kirk M
    Bed clothes stiff with the cold……
    I remember telling my mother that about my stiff underwear..she didn’t believe it either.

  7. Manuel – One has to look out for the essentials in life first – tobacco, alcohol, food, warmth, shelter, the animals and your nearest and dearest [in that order].

    Not Twitter – I have, but the fucking thing is frozen solid.  I must search eBay for a more modern version.

    Kirk M – The difference between your place and mine is that you are used to it.  You get deep snow every winter?  You have snow-ploughs, snow-blowers, snow-chains and the rest.  All we have is a government sunning themselves on tropical beaches and telling the people back home that there is nothing to worry about – there is plenty of sand around.

    RhodesTer – You are more than welcome.  Bring some sun.

  8. @King’s Bard – Ah well, you know mothers. You’re not still bothered by this are you?

    @Grandad – Used to it? Thing is that I’m tired of being used to it! Seems like the older I get the more susceptible to cold I become and yet the farther north I move. There’s something very, very wrong here. I don’t want to move to Miami per say but Hawaii is looking very nice right about now. Time to raid some of those summer homes up on the mountain that overlook the lake I believe. Should be enough ready cash hidden in those places to set me up on a nice, warm beach for a good while.

  9. Grandad – I messed up the email address and my comment went into moderation/spam. If you’d be so kind to dig it out when you have a chance I’d much appreciate it.

  10. We are expecting, with city wide fear and trepidation, up to one half inch of snow this evening here in Atlanta. Needless to say all the schools are shutting down this afternoon and the stores are rapidly running out of bread, water,kerosene, toilet rolls etc. At least it will be quiet at the movies and in the pub tonight.

  11. I’m glad to hear herself got in! I hope she didn’t track too much straw inside the house. Sounds like she had a good time – there are few things more comforting than the soothing wheeze of a cow’s breath.

    Didn’t see any of your fires yesterday. Nor have I seen any swans on the Canal. Poor things can’t swim in ice, I guess. Neither can I; must stop trying. Brr.

  12. @tt – I believe it. I remember when I was stationed in Norfolk, VA in the early 80’s. There was one very bad winter (snow storms leaving 6 to 8 inches, ice storms…all that good stuff) where the entire shore was shut down for days at a time. People just got out of their cars and left them on the highways in whatever lane they stood. 3 inches of snow on the road and there were semis laying on their sides along the highway. Sometimes in the highway itself. Unbelievable to a northern boy like me. I became a hero simply for being able to drive any car my shipmates gave me into town for beer and cigarette runs. Even the cops couldn’t catch me (roads were officialy closed you know).

    Ah, the good times…

  13. Kirk M – For some reason I seem to be dreaming a lot about the Seychelles lately.  We don’t have holiday homes around here, so I’ll just have to fall back on the old reliable bank.  [and you were in Spam, BTW 😉 ]

    TT – Are you sure you don’t live in Ireland?  All that sounds very like Ireland to me.

    Liv – I don’t know about Herself.  She hasn’t thawed out enough to tell me what happened, yet.  As for swimming in ice – take my tip and kepp off the top diving board.  It’s a bugger.

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