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  1. Yes. When the Gulf stream breaks down. Think Labrador. I just got some photos from a cousin in England. The canal is frozen over for the first time in memory.

  2. they used to call it the weather back in more sane time’s with out any tacted on dooms day bull

    ah i miss those days apperently its the coldest winter since 1981 or somesuch

  3. TT – The climate ‘experts’ now say that it is very unlikely that the Gulf Stream will break down, so you are probably right.  Shit!

    D – I remember ’81.  I don’t remember it lasting this long though.  There was just more snow.  Mind you – we ain’t done yet!!

    Jennikybooky – Bloody Hell!!  I didn’t think I bought that much?

  4. You’ve got to hand it to gormless Gormley and his Green friends…the global warming has been stopped in its tracks since they joined the Gubmint.

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