The cost of living — 7 Comments

  1. DBM – Our illustrious Minister for Obesity Health has stated that she wants to model our system on the American one for some reason.  Thank God she didn’t cross north over the border!!

  2. I have to say I agree our system in the us is not exactly up to par and seemingly getting worse. I do have a question, if I was to move to Ireland like I intend to how would I go about doing so? and please don’t tell me the Ireland is for the Irish so don’t bother thing I know this I have read it a hundred times my Heritage goes back to Ireland I know this doesn’t make me Irish in that standard. I do have a strong love for my heritage and my dream has been to return to the source the beginning and bring my blood line home.

  3. Welcome, Victor!  Why on earth would I say that Ireland was for the Irish?  I’m sure you are more than welcome to return to your roots.  Quite how you go about it, I don’t know.  One thing I will say – If you are coming with a pocket full of cash then this is an excellent time for buying property here!

  4. Could I retire on the west coast on 2700 USD a month?  I am also raising a grandson who is 7

  5. Ouch!  How long is a piece of string, Jackie?  There are so many other factors.  Do you intend buying a house there, and if so, would you need to take out a loan?  Do you intend running a car?  Do you enjoy a foreign holiday?  The two of us could live very happily on that, but then we don’t have any loans or rental to come out of it.  So much depends on other factors.

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