Hangover cures — 15 Comments

  1. If I knew I could get rashers on a regular basis here, I would definitely drink a lot more than I do. As it stands, I have to make a trip to one of two pubs in town that actually know what they are and have appropriate meal to go with them, unfortunately that’s usually also only brunch on Saturday and Sunday, which prohibits me from going on a bender mid week.

    (We’re not going to talk about buying them the local “british shop” because they know that we need things like that and Tango and I only like giving them a paycheck every few months)
    .-= Stepford Mom´s last brainfart .. birthdays blow =-.

  2. What? You can’t buy rashers of bacon in the US? And I thought we were a backwater. Good advice Grandad and I’d add a glass of cordial in the morning. Quick injection of glucose and brain rehydration. You can keep your black and white puddings though!

  3. Baino – Normally, I’m not that pushed about the puddings, but the important thing is that they soak up the grease.  Grease is good for The Morning After.

  4. hmm the best hangover cure that works for me is having a plate of beans on toast with mushrooms onions bacon all washed down with a glass of water. Its always worked for me. If you cant stand the sight of food first thing in the morning a walk down the beach its more fun if you bring the dog with you. Mind you though having worked in the bar trade for a few years i have always told people to never mix their drinks. If you mix your drinks that your done for.
    .-= Vicky Rogers´s last brainfart .. You cant keep a good dog down =-.

  5. beer before liquor makes you sicker, liquor before beer you’re in the clear.

    That is what I was told when I started drinking, in reference to mixing your alcohol.

  6. So now I have solved all your problems – even down to finding decent rashers in the States [thanks, HQ!].

    I would go with Vicky rather than Shannon, but there again – liquor in the States is gnat’s piss anyway so it couldn’t do much harm?

  7. I actually have a remedy for the headache and feeling ‘hazy’ – works like a charm!

    Hydration, Liver support and micro inflamation control are the keys

  8. Erin – Welcome!!  What you are saying is drink lots of milk?  A big smoking fry-up and milk.  I can live with that.

  9. TEA! Massive mugs of tea, and that big greasy fry up. Yum. I also love fruit and ice-cream for hangovers, but I don’t really seem to get them despite my massive booze intake so I might just be using any slight twinge as an excuse to pig out all day…

  10. Welcome, Helen.  There is nothing wrong with a grand mug [and it has to be a mug] of tea in the morning.  None of that coffee piss either – keep that ’til later in the day.

  11. Having a rest could be effective in curing hangovers. Too much drunk would sometimes lead to stress and anxiety. That is why, you should know your capability in order to control your self from any kind of foolishness situations. 

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