Merry Xmas My Arse — 12 Comments

  1. Re. this post and the last one I was reading when this one popped up; it’s good to see you are into the happy, merry festive mood as usual.
    Are you aware that Budweiser is the biggest selling”beer” in Ireland? If Guinness is so good why don’t more of you drink it? See how I cheer you up ?

  2. TT – Budweiser is made from dray horses’ piss, as they advertise themselves.  Guinness is so much a part of the staple diet here that we don’t even think of it when they are taking surveys.  That’s why the foreign muck gets counted.

  3. I heard Slade sing that live – Castle Donington 1981 Monsters of Rock Festival – AC/DC were top of the bill, Whitesnake were before them, and Blue Oyster Cult before Whitesnake, which means slade must have played about four in the afternoon – I had naively assumed that Merry Christams Everybody would not be part of the set – it was August.

    Budweiser might be the bestselling beer because no Irish person I know has ever called Guinness ‘beer’ – it’s stout.

  4. Ian – It was eight years too old even then.  We have had to suffer that “tune” now for forty six fucking years.  And you’re right – Guinness = stout.  Beer = piss.

    Maxi – Do you want buckshot or elephant shot?

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