The Irish Holocaust — 16 Comments

  1. Are apologies not utterly worthless when offered AFTER being caught?
    This ‘mental reservation’ is the greatest heap of bullshit I’ve heard yet. It’s like a bunch of kids playing secret club amongst themselves.
    And even now, after all of this has been revealed, they STILL insist on covering up, they STILL insist it ‘wasn’t lying’, and they STILL don’t want any further reports.
    The abuse hurt their direct victims, their reaction is an insult to every one else in the country.
    Fuck you, we’re ‘the church’.

  2. Excellent post this.
    I wrote one too on this disgusting and perduring scandal. It’s hard for me, who does not live in Ireland, to understand why the public puts up with it to be honest. There does not seem to be much concrete action by the people to protest this charade.
    Have a good day.
    (ps. I have just joined and am looking around WordPress. Your blog would go quite nicely on my shiny-new-but-almost-empty-for-now blogroll.)

  3. Martin – Spot on.  Of course the “apologies” are worthless.  They were literally caught with their pants down and they still can’t accept the fact.  Instead, they are safely locked in their ivory towers and having a right laugh.  Until such time as every one of them has been dragged screaming into the courts and branded as pedophiles, then nothing will change.

    Fucking depressing.

    Goodbadtruth – Welcome to my humble site [and to the larger community!!].  It really is difficult to understand.  They will attend church today and pretend nothing has happened.  There are many who will deny the whole report, saying that “good catholic priests could never do such a sinful thing”.  There are others who will simply refuse to read the report and will convince themselves that it never happened.

    I would be honoured to fill out your blog-roll a little! 😉

  4. Hmmm, depressing.
    Criticising the powers-that-be and blaming them for our woes is a legitimate (and extremely important in this case) thing to do but, and at the risk of offending some, if the Irish people themselves don’t demand concrete action to protect their own children then one is tempted to conclude that the old adage “We get the leaders we deserve” may well be true…..

  5. Goodbadtruth – It is depressing.  Very depressing.  Our “leader” [who frankly couldn’t lead his way out of a paper bag] is still cow-towing to the church, and is refusing to call for resignations.  Unfortunately, Ireland has a very sad habit of electing the same shower of incompetents into power.  There is a storm of protest in the media at the moment, but come the next election…….  😐

  6. I was lucky enough to be forced to leave.
    Having just lost both my parents at 14, I went into an empty church in the middle of the afternoon to pray, as we clumsily do at that age. The priest came up to me and, having decided that my reason for being there was false and that I was really there looking for an opportunity to steal the silverware, he threw me out.
    So I walked slowly back up the aisle, out into the sunlight, and swore I would never set foot in a church again in my life. And I never have.
    Ok, he was an asshole, but at least he cured me of Catholicism before I was too deeply addicted.

  7. Goodbadtruth – That is a typical example of the open arms of Christianity as practiced by the church.  You were lucky he wasn’t one of the legion of pedophiles?  Or probably he was, but just wasn’t feeling randy that day?

  8. Pity the government and media were not as concerned
    about the 3-4000 MURDERED in the troubles
    Mind you the priests are a much easier touch than the
    hard men from both sides of the border.
    At least we dont have the Irish football teams spoiling
    the world cup

    Celtic Tiger ?? More like a stray pussy

  9. The church has always been so, yet the “faithful” continue to fund it’s living hell. Why, why, why?  It’s not just the Irish branch, it’s everywhere. 

  10. Hi GD,
    As a thought shouldn’t it be the priests that stay out of the church?
    We’re in a society where our religions (catholicism, consumerism and property) no longer provide guidance or distraction, where our leaders don’t know how to lead, and where many (most?) have lost trust in those institutions regardless of whatever happens next anyway.
    “godless and leaderless” = chaos?
    I dunno, quite a challenge for this little society of ours!

  11. Brighid – I’m only too aware that it’s worldwide.  And so is the Vatican.
    Mick – `Sadly indeed, we are a country without any sort of leadership.  There are times when I’m not too optimistic about the future.  🙁

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