Training a guinea pig — 12 Comments

  1. I had this problem with some mice.
    In the end, I got them a fishtank. Initially, this was problematic, since mice can’t breathe water. But once emptied, it  did exactely what I wanted it to.
    No more climbing the bars, and no more chewing.

  2. Get one of those big, oversized goldfish bowls. Until they manage to master the skill of walking up nearly upside-down glass you should be safe.

  3. That is an amazingly simple idea!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.  I don’t have a goldfish bowl or tank, but there is a large tank up on the roof I could use?  It will have to stay full of water though, otherwise I can’t flush the jax.  Maybe if I tied a tennis ball to Minnie she might float a bit better?

  4. put two swinging straps in the cage. loop one under her front legs, and the other under the back legs whenever she’s in there. the straps should be short enough that her paws are not touching the ground.
    another solution is a tiny ball and chain kit. purchasable in all reputable guinea-pig fetish shops.

  5. I have two guinea pigs.  I also have a German Shepherd that likes to jump on their cage if they so much as move a muscle.  Result – they don’t so much as twitch if they see her approaching – no annoying ‘twangy’ sounds, no squeaking, just two motionless, wide-eyed piggies.
    One good turn deserves another so I can lend the German Shepherd to you at a very reasonable cost…..I’m nice like that.  🙂

  6. Arhonda – And a lovely looking German Shepherd she is.  We have a problem.  Our Sandy has adopted both guinea pigs and lovingly protects them both.  An addition of another dog would more than likely case more damage than any Shannon floods.  Thanks for the offer though.

  7. Yeah I find myself lunging at bars all the time – usually while slurring stuff like “pour me a double next time ya tight bastard!”. If Minnie likes bars well for fucks sake tell her I’ll meet at the nearest one  next time she’s thirsty – she can throw herself over anything she wants – preferably after we’ve both had a few. If you don’t like it, threaten her with the 12 steps. That should sober her up.

  8. Sighs – I have enough trouble with the fucking animal without her rolling home in the small hours of the morning, roaring drunk.  It’s bad enough having to put up with Herself.  The 12 steps?  Heh! Might work……

  9. Get it a tiny elephant suit so you can laugh your arse off at a tiny elephant running around the place.

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