Whistle while you work — 5 Comments

  1. Have you seen this…

    Irish teenagers Eimear O’Carroll and Rhona Togher have developed a treatment they hope will help people with tinnitus
    I think that are based in county Clare, but these kids have developed a treatment dependant on the physics of the hairs in the inner hear that the brain detects as sound. They are still researching it, but it might help.

  2. Will – Wow!  I did a little checking on them and they claim it cures short term tinnitus.  I don’t know about long term though.  I’ll check some more.  Many thanks.

    TT – A young child with tinnitus?  What the hell were you at?

  3.                                                                                                       I’M SORRY TO READ THAT YOU CAN’T   HEAR VERY WELL.  NEITHER CAN HIMSELF.  HE TURNED UP THE TV SOOO LOUD IT HURT MY EARS, SO WE GOT HIM HEADPHONES.

  4. Brighid – I heard that.  Thanks.  I am not very fond of headphones – they make my ears hurt.

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