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  1. oh dear. i was called a silverback the other day. thought it was a compliment, until I was told that I am of a certain age. I don’t give a damn about age. I’m not taking that ageist monkey off your young back.
    paps, I know about your post the second you post it. how? because I subscribe to your twitter. follow me on twitter it sez on your blog. so I did. and I do.
    silver geek is a good place to be. fuck all has really happened in computing since my day. all that has happened is that things are faster, the techospeak has been updated and young turks are defo still the geeks they always were.
    a silver geek looks down on all this. a silver geek uses the tools provided to him/her. a silver geek blogs and doesn’t give a fuck how it works.

  2. You may know HOW to use email and Twitter, but how you get those gnarled, arthritic nubs you call fingers to type out anything sensible is beyond me.

  3. Which bit’s causing the trouble? Is it the silver or the geek?
    And as for those web two point O people… I usually make a remark about web 1.97 and how good that was. Guaranteed to return a blank look and stop the bull-shite immediately.

  4. Silver geek?
    More like sliver geek. Not important enough to worry about or get concerned over, but damned irritating.

  5. Too old to rock and roll, too young to die!
    (Mind you, I think that song ends up with the silver haired biker riding his machine into Scotch Corner at 120 mph)

  6. Kerryview – I thought a sliverback was a gorilla?  Nothing wrong with that?  I joined up with Twitter [*spit*] just to see what it was all about.  Not much.  Then I installed a plug in thingy that sends a “Twitter” [*spit*] message when I publish.  And you’re right – I don’t give a fuck how it works.

    Rhodester – It’s beyond me too.  No ideas?

    Not twitter – Nothing is causing me trouble, as such.  I’m just wondering whether I am too old for the web and too young to be a Silver Surfer?  Ah fuckit. Who cares?!  I must try that Web 1.97 one though.  I like it!

    Sixty – Our problem is that we were born before our time.


  7. I thought we were supposed to know everything when we reached this age, apparently not, *spit*! 

  8. I agree paps, quite happy to be called a silverback. quite proud in fact. but the twit (!) thought it was a witty ageist moniker. young twat. to be ageist about it.
    I miss the iclsystem10. no I don’t

  9. Brighid – The problem is that we do know everything.  They just don’t appreciate the fact.

    Kerryview – ICL?  Jayzus!  That brings back [nasty] memories.

  10. hiya i think we now have something in common i also love stephen fry. i love watching his game show that he presents every saturday night (well at least i think its saturday night. I also hate twitter. oh god i must twitter about the fact that my life either a sucks or b im a celebrity who has nothing else to do. Ahh twitter sucks big time

  11. Hi GD, tickled me that one of the first things you see on ‘GI’ is ‘How to make a will’!
    Felt like i had to read the whole site really quickly unless i popped me clogs before spotting a deal, and hey not 55 yet either!
    Anyway ‘Silverchic’, ‘Silvercreak’ take your pick! 🙂

  12. btw I’m sticking with Silverback. I’m about the right size, and I can have a disdainful look, if I wish

  13. Mick – I don’t need to make a will.  I intend to borrow on all my assets and then spend the lot.  With some judicious planning, there should be nothing left.  Hah!

    Kerryview – I shall not shed many tears.  Blogs rule.  Actually, I quite like Silverback.  It is a name with dignity.

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