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  1. I like the way you work grandad, they threaten cuts to the children’s allowance so you mastermind more children.
    Brilliant. Fuck the man, power to the people.
    …Congratulations to all.

  2. congratulations indeed. im ever so happy for you. shep is also happy wagging his tail and barking at the happy news.

  3. “Is this going to be as exciting as the release of Windows 7??”
    I hope not what with all the upgrades and service packs involved
    Congrats thought!  I like the name Dermot or Brian.

  4. Brianf – We are not sure yet of the gender of the release.  Dermot or Brian might sound a bit strange in the girl’s playground??

  5. Welcome Jennikybooky!  I’ll put forward Derek as a possible name, but only if I can suggest Fidelma if it’s a boy?

  6. Quite a complicated bit of bioware(?) coming from a team of just 2 developers (Of course, I’m completely ignoring the fact that human bioware only needs two developers in the first place). Don’t concern yourself with code names at this stage of development though. The bump is only temporary until the beta stage of development begins.*

    *Look, no offence but being versed in development stages as I am I have to contend that the pre-gender specific stage can only be  considered the alpha stage at this point. Only after the point that gender is conclusively determined can on going development actually be considered in the beta stage. And, as usual, there will be no release candidate stage as it’s only possible to release once.
    BTW, a most heartfelt congratulations my friend.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. A reflection of 4 years =-.

  7. Kirk M – Thank you for your kind input.  I am aware that technically The Bump is still at the Alpha stage, as I don’t think our developers are in a position to allow people to try out the release for themselves yet.  In fact, I think they [the developers] intend to keep the package well under wraps until the official release date.

  8. Whoa, really? CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! <–Makes it seem happier if I do the letters like that, eh? Here’s hoping Kate is partial to the name DAVE if it’s a boy, or Dorian if it’s a girl, or Dorian if it’s a black boy. Okay then.
    Dave and Dorian.

  9. Rhodester – It looks like a chemical formula!  😉  How about DD [or DeeDee] for either gender?

    A black boy?  Hmmmmm……….  !

  10. “In fact, I think they [the developers] intend to keep the package well under wraps until the official release date.”

    My, how Apple of them.

  11. She could name him Bertie or Biffo!   I still like Dermot or Brian and bty I spoke with The Bump and she thinks it’s going  to be a boy. id est Dermot of Brian

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