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  1. this health system is turning into a joke and not a funny one at that. god amighty whhere i am going to get my thryoid medicine now. i think i just might go across to the borde for a wee holiday does anyone want anything while i am over there? 😉

  2. I agree with this charge, though I do think maybe there should be an exemption for over 70’s.  I work hard for a modest wage, and usually just skip the doctor when I am sick because I have more important bills to pay. I am sick of the doo-gooders coming on to the radios and spewing shite out of them. There was some clown on News talk saying 50p was a lot of money and if he saw a penny on the ground he would pick it up. Well my heart bleeds for you. There are too many people sitting on their holes in this country and getting everthing handed to them and I for one am delighted to see them being taken to account.

  3. i would also like to say that i highly disagree with this charge. Not all of us are free loading wasters putting our hands out anytime there a freeby thrown our way. i actully work hard but i think that certain people should not have to pay for this charge. Ahh sure mary harney is making a complete mess of this irish health system. shes an idiot and i cant stand her at all.

  4. Another example of kicking people when they are down.
    Harney is a fat arse, obese, dose of a fucking school teacher, who is doing her very best to destroy every last inch of our health service before the Heart attack she is overdue strikes.

    On the other hand though, this could be another smokescreen, get everyone out shouting about this & then back down but shove through something else while no-one is watching.

  5. SAm – I am happy that you can skip the doctor, but what about those who cannot do so?  What about the many with long term illnesses?  What about the disabled?  There are many who rely on presriptions just to live a reasonable life, and to those, a prescription is not discretionary.  What’s more, many have multiple prescriptions, so a monthly ten item script will add an additional €5 to the existing €100 DRS payment [which doubtless will go up again?].  What we are talking about here is a tax on the sick and infirm.  I cannot see how anyone can condone such a move.

  6. ahhh for fucks sake. i take 11 different meds per month – thats 100 lids + 5.50 more. i can assure you there is no over-prescribing here – i don’t want tabs, must take them. and don’t tell me 5.50 is small beer. maybe small beer to a retired FAS director or a double-pensioned still-working TD.
    i think this is yet another FF flier to scare the bejasus out of us. you know the drill……leak out bad bad news about the upcoming budget and then when it comes we say ‘not as bad as we were expecting’
    get rid of them.

  7. Anyone defending this charge should come out parish visiting with me sometime and actually see what life is like for people who have been ill for years.  Yes, Sam Crea, people do count the coins.  The cost of administering the charge will probably exceed what is a nasty and vindictive proposal by a minister who is not standing again so has no fears regarding her political future.

  8. thank you Ian for pointing out the sam crea post. i presume he is in robust health and has an adequate income. he obviously thinks the rest of his life will be quite satisfactory, thank you very much. what exactly is a do-gooder mr crea ? is it the opposite to someone who cannot see further than his selfish individualistic view of the world? i can rant with the best of them. going for cupla pints. slan. 

  9. no end in sight… Forbes is telling all of us American baby boomers that Ireland is one of the top ten places to live.  Hope you have enough ammo or bad weather to hold’m off, cause they are bringing their health issues with’m. 

  10. People like me, TT.  People who can afford it.  Making sure a lady who has suffered Multiple Sclerosis for more than twenty years does not live in poverty is the mark of a civilized society.  The incoming prime minister in Britain is an enthusiastic supporter of the National Health Service and he’s a right-winger.

  11. Some reform is probably necessary in this area and there are probably major savings that could be made, beginning with the doctors.
    The more generic drugs that are prescribed the cheaper the cost to both the patient & the HSE, this would result in a much greater saving than a 50p per item prescription charge.
    Perhaps we should be asking why doctors are so inclined to prescribe the expensive option, ie the Superquinn drugs instead of the lidl ones etc.
    So instead of targeting the old, the sick and the infirm, take a proper look at what is going on and ask why medicine is so much more expensive here than over the border, in the UK or accross Europe as a whole.

  12. Not sure what the medical system is over there; medical card? But let’s not be too sanctimonius.  I am sure not all elderly folk are poor.

  13. If it was just Harney, we could deal with it, but I’m afraid it’s a collective decision by this crowd of utter bastards.
    People, be prepared for civil unrest in this country because it’s coming whether we like it or not.

  14. Brighid – Tell Forbes to come over and look at the state of us now.  Top ten?  Hah!

    TT – The Medical Card is a system whereby people under a certain [low] income can get free medical treatment.  Except that they keep adding charges so nothing is free anyway.  The rest of us have to pay through the nose.  There is also a system [the DRF] where people on regular prescriptions only have to pay the first €100 per month, which still works out at €1,200 a year on top of any private insurance.  It does not pay to be sick here.

    Lafsword – Of course the drugs companies are cleaning up here.  I found items in France that were a quarter of the price here for the identical medication.  It is yet another rip-off.

    Bock – I am well aware of that.  It doesn’t mean though that Harney won’t be one of the first on my list, come the revolution.

  15. Jennikybooky – The good thing about using a shovel to beat her ugly face in is that we can also use it to dig a hole and bury the body afterwards.

    It will probably have to be a deep hole so I might need a hand, any offers of help ??? 

  16. (this is my second attempt I just got accused of being a bit spammy)
    I am confused here.
    Is it a charge on all prescriptions?
    what I was talking about was the unemployed and asylum seekers who are handed out free medication while I pay a fortune for them. While They have nearly as much disposable income as I have, if not more.
    There are a list of sicknesses which are exempt from payment regardless of situation and that should remain (diabetes epilepsy etc.)

  17. Jennikybooky, Harney looks like someone already took a shovel to her face.
    Sam – you must be a Fianna Fail councillor? Blame everything on the unemployed and foreigners…

  18. FF councillor????? what did I blame anyone for?
    All I said was that I dont see any problem with people paying a charge for medicines that they are being provided with by the medical system.
    And I just finished a 12 hour shift serving pints. And the last thing I did before I left was spend 5 minutes cleaning vomit from a toilet. And the gluttonous litttle prick managed to get it everywhere and all the down the back and down the seat.  And I do it for a modest wage in my opinion.
    People are going to have to start coming up with solutions eventually in stead of just saying “NO” to everything.

  19. It wasn’t poor people or those escaping oppression who caused this heap of shit.  It was our own home-grown rich fuckers who created the problem, and it’s as well not to be blaming the weak while the strong are robbing us all.

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