Losing it — 15 Comments

  1. jeezus grandad, is that your idea of MTV? you must get out more. a nice walk from the bar to the jax and back is plenty, just plenty. did you know that jane fonda is now 72? god how I loved her in barbarella. those are kids in your keepfit vid. practically baby snatching for you.

  2. You know how it is, Kerryview – Herself has to have something to keep her occupied when I’m out with Sharon.

  3. Vicky – I never like to stand in the way of happiness.

    Brianf – No.  She said “fo’ shizzle my nizzle”.

    Cranky – Why?  What have you been up to?  Been given the mustard spray treatment again?

  4. Just for once could the wrinklies have the floor, oh hang on a minute, they have the floor. Props, high fives and all that other cool stuff to them, because they are you just a little ways down the road. Put the jeering on hold and think about it.

  5. Baino – Bling, or knuckledusters?

    TT – No.  I wouldn’t.  You’ll never catch me on a dance floor.

    Brighid – Isn’t it amazing what a mug of Horlicks a night can achieve?

    Kerryview – Is she seriously supposed to be out in the desert?  She must be sweatin’!

    Paulo1 – Who’s jeering?  Not me.  Fair play to ’em, I say.  I’d join them, only my right arm needs some more exercising down at the pub.

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