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  1. Kerryview – Obviously one of the “refresh” brigade?  You commented approximately 15 pico seconds after I published.  Sad bastard.

    Welcome David.  It’s my fucking site and I’ll moan if I want to.

  2. A Sad Bastard writes……no, not refresh, merely following your twitter. Unless you forgot about your twitter link. Nice to see you keeping your “not writing today” promise

  3. Ah, you’re back.
    Keep up the ‘not writing’. I always find that ‘not writing’ for long enough generally leads to somewhere interesting.

  4. Kerryview – When I publish, it automatically informs Twitter.  So you are a Twitter lurker?  That’s even more sad….

    Ian – I was never gone.  I’ll carry on not writing so?

    TT – Another one who nags me if I don’t write.  Why don’t you try writing one of these things and see how you get on?  Heh!

  5. Sometimes writing sermons I start off writing stuff just to see where it goes (usually a cul de sac).  If instead, I tried ‘not writing’, as exemplified in your post, I would at once get rid of all my annoyances and at the same time might get a response from the congregation.
    I have to do a radio column for a northern station this Sunday.  I’m wondering if not writing would also work for that.

  6. Ian – Do you tell your congregation that they are pathetic and should get a life?  That must get some interesting reactions?  Try it on the radio!

  7. Of course, if I did, it would be in a very nice Anglican way!
    Unfortunately, the radio column is pre-recorded and emailed up, so a not writing approach might not work.  As I remember, even with live radio, there used to be some sort of delay to prevent stuff being said.

  8. Hello—Hello— tap, tap, tap—“GD”  “Are you there? — Is this thing on???” 
    Just wanted you to know that I do have a life, but your sadly whiney blog is my only entertainment at the moment.  Well actually I do spend a little time driving Himself  to drink.  He’s gotten so good at it now though that it’s not fun anymore  tap, tap, tap…

  9. Ian – Why not take a chance that they don’t listen to the recording before airing it?  😉

    Brighid – What’s with this tap tap thing?  Am I supposed to be dead? Is this a seance?  Time for you to trade in Himself, I think…..

    Sean – Just wait until the Mob start nagging you……..

  10. They probably thought you had croaked it Grandad, what with all your moaning about the bug you have. They weren’t waiting to see if you had anything to say, they were circling like vultures…. “…Dibbs on the electric pipe”

  11. SAm – For fuck’s sake! I wasn’t moaning.  Vultures is right…..

    Sean – Well, I’ll have another then.  Cheers.

  12. Hello Granddad…or Grandad.
    I rather enjoyed your ‘Head Rambles’, and please note that I used the past tense. You seem to have found some fame andnow you simply can’t be bothered to put words together…unless it’s to insult your readers.
    Get a grip man!

  13. Hello Bernard, and welcome!  My excuse is in my previous post, and I’m only insulting those who deserve it.

    My grip is got.

  14. Hello Grandad,
    Thanks for the reply, and I was pleased to hear that your grip is got! My apologies for having a go at you…just one of those days I suppose; and after all I am a granddad myself, so I totally understand.

  15. Bernard – No problem.  As you will know, you don’t get to be a grandad without developing a fairly thick skin!  😉

  16. Hi again.
    I just don’t feel right calling you grandad; possibly because I’m too old to have a granddad. But you’re right about developing thick skin. Yesteday happened to be my birthday and I spent it with grandkids…, inlaws and outlaws. And of course the ‘OLD’ jokes were coming fast and thick. I realised how thick my skin has become. Keep up the Rambles Old Chap!

  17. Bernard – You can call me whatever you like.  I don’t mind.  The moment I am dreading is that ghastly moment when someone calls me “X years young”.  Whoever says that is going to end up without any teeth.

  18. Hi ‘Old Chap’
    I know exactly what you mean by “X years young”. I am constanly referred to as “Young Man”, especially in shops (and pubs) and it annoys the hell out of me because I’m 68 years old…I am not bloody young! Are they taking the piss or what? I Sorry, got carried away then. See how annoying it is?

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