Mu ing — 18 Comments

  1. “He elf ha  gone and fu ked up her keyboard”
    I think you have a letter ‘r’ not working either.

    Sowwy about that. Unless you mean heself.

  2. now my po t look   illy and make  me look like a right  unt for  potting mi  pelling  and then  ommenting on it. Now I will look like a u king  unt of a  hithead.

  3. I read your post aloud, and swear I heard my Granny talking. Now that I think of it, that was *also* gin related…

    Anyhow, listen to Ian: he plenty akamai for one haole. Move to Hawai’i; problem solved.

  4. Ian – Great!!  Do you mind being a haole?

    u an – The Old Folk know the way to live!!  😉

  5. I was trying to remember the name of the guy in Hawaii 5-0 who was always being told ‘book him’.

  6. Danno!  I couldn’t remember it at all.
    Of course, were he really Hawaiian he’d have to be Anno and Grandad would be Ana.  You wouldn’t want to get your vowels confused.

  7. Call in the ‘CSi’ squad!
    (She’s pulling a fast one knowing you’ll get her a shiney new xmas pressie!)

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