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  1. “He elf ha  gone and fu ked up her keyboard”
    I think you have a letter ‘r’ not working either.

    Sowwy about that. Unless you mean heself.

  2. now my po t look   illy and make  me look like a right  unt for  potting mi  pelling  and then  ommenting on it. Now I will look like a u king  unt of a  hithead.

  3. I read your post aloud, and swear I heard my Granny talking. Now that I think of it, that was *also* gin related…

    Anyhow, listen to Ian: he plenty akamai for one haole. Move to Hawai’i; problem solved.

  4. Danno!  I couldn’t remember it at all.
    Of course, were he really Hawaiian he’d have to be Anno and Grandad would be Ana.  You wouldn’t want to get your vowels confused.

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