Trick or Treat — 18 Comments

  1. The Resident’s committee has asked me to learn a few ghost stories for the wood burner gathering tonight… I was planning to scare the bejeezus out of the three year olds with sordid tales from the Hellfire Club but Great Uncle Josh is a MUCH better idea!  Can I borrow him when you’re finished?

  2. I’m in Thailand at the moment (better change that flag !!) They don’t celebrate Halloween here but they have that festival where they float little candles on banana leaves to send their troubles down the river. I’ve got an effigy of Cowan and Lenihan ready to float away..

  3. Your Highness – The flag stays.  Now that is the kind of festival I like.  Just make sure that your banana leaves have holes in ’em.

  4. I hate the whole concept of Trick or Treating. So we’re allowing our children to call round to strangers’ houses and demand sweets unless they want something nasty to happen to them? I suppose it prepares them for the possibility of bribery later in life, but is that really necessary? Grrr.

  5. go to bed gramps. taxman took his pint of blood at midnight. I had several pick me ups earlier. That was my treat. No tricks tonight. Goodnight. Fuck it.

  6. Bet Sandy hated it.
    We had to take Bono in as he was trying to break in through the cat door! Poor fella was shivering all over and wouldn’t stay on his own.
    Not a good night for ol’ dogs.

  7. Kerryview – Spot on.

    Neighbour – It’s not Sandy’s favourite night of the year.  The worst bit was when some bastard stole some of my spare Semtex and let it off just after midnight.

  8. Due to a slight drizzle all the neighborhood kids went trick or treating to the mall last night. The stores give out candy. Feckin’ unbelievable.  So much for community. This new “tradition” will probably be the next thing you import. On the plus side I have a shit load of goodies for myself.

  9. What do you mean “In my day”?   From the looks of the blog comments your still collecting apples & Nuts. 
    A “Ghastly American import” beats the heck out of a deadly Chinese import, or does it.
    Sheets thrown over your heads just means you were too poor to have a clothes line.
    Will trade you one Great Uncle Josh for two goats or three chickens (bad economy here makes feeding Unc Josh easier than critters).  We have a No return policy.

  10. Brighid – “In my day” = Long before your time.  In those days we invented our own stuff.  There was none of this crap of heading down to the nearest shop for a ready made one.   And sorry – Great Uncle Josh stays.  I’d miss his occasional appearences.

  11. Well dear boy after 63 years of collecting my own fruits & nuts, making costumes out of handme downs, and egging the aaah – – – – – sorry a  lapse of memory there – – – – I’m not at all happy about the comercialism that has over taken holidays.

  12. Well it was the advent of names like ‘Uncle Josh’ that was the start of all this Americanization. What the fuck ever happened to ‘Uncle Tom’ or even ‘Uncle Sam’…..  ha?

  13. Brighid – Eggactly!  [!]  It’s the commercialisation that I hate, as with Christmas, Valentine’s and all the rest.

    SAm – I didn’t name him!  Blame his parents.

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