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  1. I have swine-flu or man-flu. Either way I have something rotten and haven’t got a lot to day at the moment. *sniff* *cough* *hack*

  2. Robert – What the fuck has that got to do with it?  Sure I have had the flu for the last couple of weeks, and I ain’t moaning.  And stop coughing all over my keyboard.

  3. Hello!
    said everything there is to say:  yes
    trying to stay alive:  yes
    bored with the whole thing: yes
    dying breed: yes
    endangered species: not unless they know where you live, er,  yes

  4. on my own blog, I tend to only write an article if I think what I have to say is new and interesting enough for someone to read. but then, mine is a bit narrowly defined and is mostly based around my work.
    or sometimes I write an article when I’ve spent an hour or two trying to figure out how to do something. then when I need to do it again, my own article is usually what I find when I need the answer.
    But, to answer your question: I’ve nothing new to say lately 😉 And I’m not going to write unless it really is useful (“the empty can”, and all that).
    Not that I’m on your list, I’m sure – my stuff is not useful except for people that are into the same stuff as me.

  5. It’s hard enough to get the energy to post a comment here. I’m off for a pint and a small one.

  6. I post stuff every day, but finding time has been difficult the past couple of weeks, so some odd stuff has crept in.
    Discussions with Kerryview on the content of a post can take up more words than the post itself!

  7. I have been having the same problem.  I’ve about 100 sites and blogs in my reader and lately there’s nothing.  Just a handful of the reliables.
    I wonder if we’re a dying breed alright.
    Twitter and Facebook have taken them all away.

  8. TT – *sigh*

    Brighid – I thought as much.

    Kae – I told you I had some fairly esoteric sites.  You’re in there.  😉

    Sean & Kerryview – I think you both have the right idea.  Will you get the Jimmy to start a pint of Guinness for me?  I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.

    Ian – You are certainly one of the prolific few.  Are you getting carried away with the new layout?

    Maxi – I’m glad someone else has noticed.  In the last two hours, there has been one post in my reader!

  9. You could always exchange blogs with The Other Fellow.  You might find you have a lot in common.

  10. The new layout does encourage some diversity so as to get some things off the front page!
    I see The Other Fellow continues to soar up the Alexa ratings – he has a 7 day rating of 407,000 and he has only written four posts in a month!

  11. There’s just nothing much to say.

    I’m sure the bear, if he had a blog, would have lots to say, but he’d have a hard time getting me off of my fat ass to type them out.

  12. Still here but time poor thanks to working for the troll bitch from hell. I barely have time to read let alone post! Things can only get better. Of course, losing my connection for three days didn’t help!

  13. This sitting at home shit is for the birds. No stimulation, no ideas so no writing. It’d get kind of boring if I wrote down what I do everyday:

    Got up, had breakfast, took shower, read news, read feeds, read email, cleaned a bit, did a few chores, had lunch, went to the store/bank/quilt shop/, came home, read a bit, kissed wife (home from the quilt shop), had supper, blah, blah, went to bed. (ad infinitum).

    So maybe I should just start making things up?

  14. They’re all tweeting or putting a book over their Face.
    And you were a bit slack yourself once or twice. Holidays me arse.

  15. Well if the truth be told. I have spend the last week visiting my mum in hospital. Shes very sick at the moment. I also have been trying to write a paper on coronary heart disease for my college course. I keep meaning to write a piece for my own blog but my brain is just hurting so much now.

  16. I wasn’t aiming this post at anyone in particular, least of all my Faithful Few readers.  It was more of a general observation based on general activity in the ‘blog’ [*spit*] world.

    There was a great spate of activity for a couple of years, but it seems to be dying down at an alarming rate.  A lot of good sites are gone, and there are very few taking their place.

    Not Twitter – [Or should I call you Bender’s BB?]  Great to see a new site on the horizon!!

  17. Okay, Grandad, you prodded me into writing something last night. I even waxed poetic like (sort of). I even actually enjoyed it. Maybe I should think about doing it more often?
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. So where am I anway? =-.

  18. Hmmm, the irony – a post about where have the bloggers disappeared to sparks a flurry of responses. Goes to show that folks are reading blogs so they (the blogs or the bloggers) haven’t died. Blogs involve posting a relatively lengthy (relative to a tweet) piece, an activity that generates shorter comments. Twitter is more of a short comment / response / re-comment / re-tweet / comment / response / etc. The initial tweet takes less effort than a blog post – say one minute a tweet vs. 10 mins a blog post, so it’s more effort and takes more time but has a lot more depth to it.
    Ok, I’m head rambling myself here, better stop before I……….

  19. Charmed – Quite honestly, I can’t see the attraction of Twitter.  I’m not dismissing it altogether as I have found it very useful myself in the past, and have also been know to post the odd sarchastic comment.  It’s just a bit too ephemeral for me.

  20. Well its because I’m so busy stalking you. Anyway its hard typing when you have to run from key to key. Bloody humans are sucking me dry! At least someone appreciates my swearing though.

  21. Sighs – I have given up on the human race.  At least you give me hope for some of the animal kingdom.

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