I had a dream — 12 Comments

  1. I was almost afraid to click the link on your tweet but am now laughing my ass off!

  2. Can we list the Cunts, that would be fun, it would prob take a while to come up with a definitive list though. I’d definately have that David Begg on it & that Jack O’Connor from SIPTU both prize cunts.

  3. “I had a dream” You too Grandad?  There must be a pandemic of cunts so I’m looking for a shot that will make me cunt resistant…oh there is a shot called the swine flu jab, might try that.
    A day of protest against cunts though is going too far, I’ll just stick to stamping my feet and swearing at the telly.

  4. Now you know that word is not common vernacular here but works for me in this instance! Was that real? Or am I being gullible yet again.

  5. Imagine the protest banners:

    ‘Down with c*nts’… ‘Ireland united against c*nts!’

    I think I’ll make one that says: ‘C*nts out!’

    In pink.

  6. Still woking on my list of CUNTS, 14 pages long now, haven’t been to bed yet, Coffee stopped working 2 hours ago, now mainlining coke to stay awake, must finish list.

  7. To all of you who are slaving over your list of cunts –

    Make it simple.  Anyone who doesn’t visit this site.


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