Smokers are chainsaw killers — 16 Comments

  1. Grandad, I’m surprised that you haven’t heard the good news coming from Brussels this morning…

    The EU has effectively abolished Ireland’s minimum price racket on tobacco products, claiming “It empowers the manufacturers by removing competition”.  

    Unfortunately, this also means the government will now have to slash an extra couple of billion of the social welfare bill to make up for the lost VAT on cigarettes. Oh well, can’t have it every way.

  2. Hmmmm.  I missed that one.  So the price of tobacco products will fall?  Maybe, but the tax will correspondingly increase.  No win there.

  3. I look forward to the day when some dopey cunt in the ‘Elf and Safety tribe realises that one third of all air pollution comes from motor vehicles and the rest from industry. Second-hand smoke from tobacco doesn’t even register on the dial.

    I’ll enjoy watching the Puritans running down the road after cars doing that tap-my-mouth-with-a-little-paw gesture that they do whenever they see a smoker and the little pretend coughs.

    I believe there are somewhere around 30 distilleries in Scotland and Ireland combined- all of them producing vast amounts of CO2 and then trucking the product around both islands.

    So when is Diageo going to be shut down? Answer- never. Heh (cough) heh (cough) heh.

  4. If it was for the EU it will have been made by the friend of someone who signs off the invoices.

    it will have cost fifteen times what it should and will be bare minimum effort. Here is, in case anyone hasn’t seen it, a clip from the US classic ‘Reefer Madness’ which warned against marijuana back in the 1930’s. Be warned. Contains scenes which may disturb your brain.

  5. Cap’n – Did I read somewhere that just one crude oil supertanker produces more pollution that around a hundred trans-Atlantic flights?  There was some strange statistic like that…

    As for the Reefer Madness – that explains why some of my parties have been “interesting”?

    Ian – When you take into account that it has been “translated” into every European language, it cost one hell of a lot.

  6. Yes to Lisbon my Arse, glad I voted NO – twice. I have no intention of being gracious in defeat either, I will be saying “I told you so” for the rest of my life on this one, EU cunts.

    I stopped smoking 30 months ago, why? because I promised my wife I would quit before my daughter was born and did 2 weeks before.
    I still miss cigarrettes & I fucking hate the non – smoking lobby, utter fucking Nazis the lot of them. 

    How many of these Cunts ever smoked or for that matter ever did anything pleasurable? Fuck all of them I’d say.

    I have stopped carrying around my chainsaw though.

  7. All well and good, still I am of anything that discourages young non smokers from taking up this stupid and pointless addiction. 

  8. The most addictive narcotic ever known to the human animal has always been the desire to control the behaviour of others. And there is no cure.

  9. They told me that smoking was more addictive than heroin so I quit smoking and took up heroin. They’re fucking wrong you know and I itch like an unwashed cunt…

  10. Are these the same EU folks who outlawed smoking every where except in their office buildings?

  11. Ah for fuck sake. 
    Brianf.  There is no smoking in EU Institution buildings, except for 2 designated spots in the European Parliament building.  Everywhere else is no smoking.

    This anti-smoking thing is an initiative of the European Commission.  It was funded by the EU, but it is far from a jobs for boys thing.  Anything like this has to go out to tender.  And to translate something like that into all the languages is a minimal cost.

    And if you want to know how much it cost to make, why don’t you write to the Commission and ask?  Without looking into too much detail, I would guess the lead DG is SANCO.  Find their address and write them an e-mail asking.

    Better that than bitching and making up shit about what happens over here.

  12. AM – My argument with the site has nothing whatsoever to do with the cost.  What I am questioning is firstly the strange logic behind the whole thing – chainsaws and radioactivity??  Secondly, I take grave exeption to smokers being branded as ‘evil people’.  Surely by the same argument, drinkers, motorists et al are equally ‘evil people’?

  13. The reason the EU are badgering people is because of pressure from the World Health Organisation in Geneva. Basically there is an industry of health professionals who regard themselves as a government and they are using public policy levers in all areas of the world to attack what they call ‘Non-Communicable Diseases’ which includes smoking and drinking.

    Neither the WHO or the EU are remotely interested in air pollution in urban areas which is the biggest killer by many miles- you know why? Because car manufacturers and heavy industries have powerful lobbies
    Its like  the recycling police- in the UK local authorities are paying people to spy in householder’s bins. Yet industry screams blue murder if there’s any talk of regulating their waste.
    Its a joke. A smokescreen to let the public think these issues are being tackled while the real polluters carry on regardless. A kind of international puritannically drive NAMA.

  14. what annoys me is a complete ban of smoking in venues, like airports and more recently I experienced this at Wembley Stadium. I left half way through a Cold Play concert as there was no-where in an 80 thousand capacity stadium for you to have a quick smoke. I mean they had people in the toilets, the stairwells and patrolling the stands to catch and eject you at the slightest hint you might have a smoke. I even walked all the way to the exits and asked to step outside for a minute and be let back in but again no this was a violation of company policy.

    Its things like this that annoys me to my core. Seriously I can take people don’t want to eat in a smoky environment but come on, we have got to a stage now where you can’t even see cigarettes displayed in a shop…. what next?? will we need to pass a note Mr. Patel in the local kwiki mart for 20 B&H as god forbid some-one might see me buying them??

  15. Johnie – Be fair now.  You must know by now that “statistics” will prove that if you had lit a cigarette in the middle of an 80,000 crowd, that 20% would have instantly died of heart attacks, a further 50% would have contracted cancer and the rest would have had a smell of smoke on their clothes.  Just ask ASH.

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