Three years — 21 Comments

  1. Yes but you are forgetting to look at your own blog posts Grandad and the place they fill in the online world for people who read your blog.  You are a kind of gentle peaceful resistance to the shit n’ mundanity. Peaceful non-cooperation … a digital Irish Gandhi.

  2. Only 836 uses of the word ‘fuck’. FUCK = 837
    Only 52 uses of the word ‘cunt’
    CUNT = 53

  3. Cap’n – A Digital Irish Ghandi?  Does that mean I have to wear a sheet?

    Robert – It seems like a fucking lifetime.

    Lafsword – I omitted to count the words ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ in the post, so that is 838 and 54.  Fuck!  now I have to add in the ones from this comment and you missed two in yours.  840 and 55.  Aw fuck!!  I’ve just added two more.

    I give up.

  4. must be a slow day at the office. why not just repost an old post and add a few fucks. maybe a few cunts too. that should do it.

  5. Kerryview – Jayzus!  Will you let me celebrate my third birthday in peace?  Slow day, my arse.

  6. Did you actully go through and count those words up? Not.  I wonder then how you did do it. Or did you ?

  7. Jim C – Another fourteen years and it can drive a car.

    TT – Hah!  A plug-in called TD Word Count.  As for the others – did a scan through a database dump.  Simple really.

    Stipes – I would assume that each page is read more than once?

  8. Only. ROFL

    Congratulations on having an excuse for cake and/or celebratory pint!

    And mostly, thanks for all the laughs.

  9. You silly bugger Grandad, quarter of a million eh, reading your quality ramblings eh.  If you don’t want them then send them over to our place.
    In these days of dumbing down it’s refreshing to find quality FFS.
    Now kiss my hairy scots arse. (:¬)

  10. BigYin – Ah, now if I were getting a quarter of a million a day, then that would be something.  As for grabbing my faithful friends – kiss my hairy Irish arse.  ( * )  😉

  11. Waste of time? Not from where I’m sitting it isn’t.
    4 years come February.
    819 Posts
    ????? Words (Unless you know of a plugin that counts all the words in a blog… you made that up)
    No Fucks
    No Cunts
    No nothin’
    And you’re wasting your time?

  12. TD Word Count–oh, yeah…forgot about that. But that was just the count for the original site, the one I post to most often–like once a week–maybe. 😉 The other two are just exercises in futility.
    It’s nobody’s fault but my own I do realize that. However, when I see you have more uses of the word “fuck” than I have total posts on “Just Thinkin” in the same amount of time it made me stop and wonder a bit. In fact I’m still wondering. Probably will be for awhile. There’s something to be said about that. I don’t know what it is yet but there’s something to be said about it and that’s certain.

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