Grandad not working — 15 Comments

  1. Grandad we’ve moved your site to it’s own machine for the mo. So it’s back running fully now 🙂

  2. Seamus – Yup.  Something seems to be working!

    Paul – Did I not say [and continue to say] that Blacknight are the BEST!  Thanks.

  3. Nothing more annoying or frustrating.  I had a similar experience a while back and it drove me up the fucking wall.
    By the way, did I notice someone from Blacknight offering to do something with WP-Supercache?  All those adjustments to sexy permalinks put me right off installing it.

  4. Rhodester – Is your Black Knight part of your Gay Bishop chess set?

    Bock – ‘Tis a bugger all right.  SuperCache is fine, and does a great job.  Nothing to worry about there.  The only time it pisses me off is when I make a change to the layout and forget to clear the cache before seeing the change.  Go for it!!

  5. Yeah, but you have to do all those redirects and shit, don’t you? And then Google forgets you exist.  Or something.

  6. Rhodester – Me?  Poke fun at a bishop?  Never!  [I leave that in your expert hands]

    Bock – No redirects.  Google is going to read your site on a regular basis anyway, so nice ligible URLs are nice.  I stuck a yoke on this site to re-write the page titles which certainly did no harm.

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