Grandad not working — 15 Comments

  1. Seamus – Yup.  Something seems to be working!

    Paul – Did I not say [and continue to say] that Blacknight are the BEST!  Thanks.

  2. Nothing more annoying or frustrating.  I had a similar experience a while back and it drove me up the fucking wall.
    By the way, did I notice someone from Blacknight offering to do something with WP-Supercache?  All those adjustments to sexy permalinks put me right off installing it.

  3. Rhodester – Is your Black Knight part of your Gay Bishop chess set?

    Bock – ‘Tis a bugger all right.  SuperCache is fine, and does a great job.  Nothing to worry about there.  The only time it pisses me off is when I make a change to the layout and forget to clear the cache before seeing the change.  Go for it!!

  4. Rhodester – Me?  Poke fun at a bishop?  Never!  [I leave that in your expert hands]

    Bock – No redirects.  Google is going to read your site on a regular basis anyway, so nice ligible URLs are nice.  I stuck a yoke on this site to re-write the page titles which certainly did no harm.

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