Fixing things — 5 Comments

  1. It took a good 40 seconds for this page to load up for me! Maybe your new server is slower than the old one.

    Going to doesn’t show this post either 😐

  2. As Robert said… isnt working all morning….And this post can only be viewed if you follow the link you sent on twitter….it also takes a minute or two to load up….Maybe you should get back on to blacknight Grandad.

  3. Think you should have got Blacknight to fix your washing machine and the repairman to host your website…

  4. Hi. I got right thru on the reader feed I’ve always used. Sounded like you had a great time on vacation.Sorry you came home and started having snafus right away.God awful having the washer on the blink!!(sounds like something YOU had been putting off)Perhaps the gerbil(?) is what has set Minnie into a tizzie.Just wonder if she had a lover without your knowledge & she screwed him to death,probably amidst your dirty duds,then,he was plopped into the washer w/dirty duds & clogged the thing up.I don’t think she is a lesbian,bi-sexual,maybe.What’s a girl to do?

  5. Robert & Moose – The really strange thing is that according to my logs, traffic was quuite constant [and high] during the “down” time.  Strange?

    Sandra – Things always seem to go on the blink when I come back from holidays, and I’m not sating for one instant that it was my daughter’s fault, just because she was staying here.  I’m not sure if it was a gerbil.  It could have been a mouse or a tiny rat.  It could also have been the remains of a sock, or two years collection of belly-button fluff.  It was very wet and dirty grey.  I wasn’t going to examine it too closely!!

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