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  1. I wouldn’t worry, it’s been re-incarnated under varying dubious definitions over the years, we’ll see its facade again.

  2. What’s the alternative? I’m off to the office now (14.00 saturday) to discuss matters with the team. At least I’m free to do that. And free to write whatever crap that comes into my head. Arthur G. will play a big part in our debate at the office.
    But that’s not freedom. That’s the freedom of the bull calf, happy in his ignorance of his fate.
    Fuck it I’m going to the office. It’s all your fault paps.

  3. TT – One of the many definitions of democracy – “majority rule: the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group”  Today this has been redefined as “the doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group provided that the result is in agreement with the opinion of an unelected [by us] few.”

  4. Someone will have to explain the whole ‘Yes/No’ on the Lisbon treaty vote when I’m in Dublin next week,  based on Grandad’s post, its not good..

  5. Basically you have to remember that Ireland is different to the United States in that we are a tribal people- like the native americans and always have been. The Republic was always only a mirage set up by DeValera who knew us very well.

    People forget that Ireland was never invaded by the British- a minor Leinster king invited them in thinking that they’d help him get jobs… er, sorry, keep power and it took 800 years to get rid of them.

    Same with the worst oppressor of all and the one that did the most damage- the catholic church. Irish kings converted same as the Roman Caesars did and for the same reason. They realised that a system that promised slaves a better slice of the pie after death was a good way of keeping the slaves from getting too angry in THIS life.

    And now proud and loyal Irishmen and women have voted for what they think is in the best interests of their pocket and a little island off the coast of Europe which consists of 0.3% of the population of that continent are rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of the silvery shilling and jobs for the lads at the ‘heart of Europe’.

    Ho. Ho. Ho. ‘Those who do not know the past are condemned to an uncertain future’ (Churchill with a nod to Santoyana).


  6. With due respect to you Grandad. You are right and you are wrong. I am sure you and everyone else are tired of the Lisbon treaty (not the Lesbian treaty, as my sister called it the other day). But the Lisbon treaty is good for this country and deciding to vote ‘no’ just because the government was for it is just not good enough an argument. Having said that. I respect your view as you explained it to me before. There should not have been a second referendum. It was a ‘no’ result the last time and the result should stand.

  7. Bubbles – I stated quite clearly [I hope] why I voted against this treaty last year.  My reasons for voting against it again are precisely the same.  Why should I change my mind or be swayed by anyone?  The treaty is exactly the same, down to the last detail, and I resent in the strongest possible terms having to vote twice on the same issue, simply because people in Brussels didn’t like the outcome of the first vote.

    I did not vote against it as a protest against the government, though I would dearly love to have seen Cowen squirm. I do not see how this treaty is in any way good for the country.  All this shit about ‘bringing us into the heart of Europe’ is just that – shit.  If anything, we will be more marginalised than ever.

  8. ” and I resent in the strongest possible terms having to vote twice on the same issue,”   
                                                                                                                      I see it was a resounding yes vote. I bet you are pissed now. Don’t know much about it but were there not some changes made after the first vote to make it more acceptable.

  9. TT – I am more than slightly annoyed and ashamed at those who sold out their dignity for a few false promises.

    The treaty remained unchanged – it had to, otherwise all other countries would have to re-ratify it.  There were a few ‘promises’ and ‘assurances’ given, that weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

  10. It looks like the “Yes” is going to take a larger percentage than what I predicted. Do you prefer the first round bought in one of your local pubs or should I bottle up my current batch of home brew? If so, I’ll make sure I bottle up the  lower level of the barrel separately for your personal consumption, Grandad.

  11. Kirk M – I think I need the charms of some good old home brew.  I take it I have the bottom half of the barrel to give you an excuse to drink the top half first?

  12. Grandad – In this case I’ll just bottle both layers separately and bring the whole kit and caboodle over so it may be enjoyed ‘en compagnie’. Perhaps a bit of smoke as well so that we may sit and grin stupidly at each other?

  13. This is just more proof that this shitty little country has no balls.
    We’re back to the underdog mentality of previous generations.

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