Rampant lesbianism — 14 Comments

  1. Hey GD you’re the one that raised the subject of lesbians, dildos and Cavies. Or is it Caveys. I suppose it depends how old she is.  The G Pig that is.
    So Maxi is a lesbian, huh ?

  2. Hey GD, can’t you get out to the shed and see if you can knock something up for Minnie. Then you can test it out on her – after all that’s what they’re for anyway!
    GP – Gay Pride? She’ll be having her own festival before you know it!

  3. I have no intention of knocking anything up for Minnie for fear of what she might knock up with it.

    Anyway, I just fed the lot of them some leaves from my latest crop.  They are sooooo happy, man!

  4. I believe it possible that a lot of stuff that passes for governance in Dáil Eireann is more probably the carry-on of Fianna Fáil Ministers trying to avoid getting caught up in the downfall of the lesbitch Harney.

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