Rampant lesbianism — 14 Comments

  1. TT – I am glad you know about these things, because I certainly don’t.  I must have led a sheltered life?

  2. You had a wonder about dildos and lesbians and you didn’t contact me?
    Tut tut.

  3. Hey GD you’re the one that raised the subject of lesbians, dildos and Cavies. Or is it Caveys. I suppose it depends how old she is.  The G Pig that is.
    So Maxi is a lesbian, huh ?

  4. Hey GD, can’t you get out to the shed and see if you can knock something up for Minnie. Then you can test it out on her – after all that’s what they’re for anyway!
    GP – Gay Pride? She’ll be having her own festival before you know it!

  5. I have no intention of knocking anything up for Minnie for fear of what she might knock up with it.

    Anyway, I just fed the lot of them some leaves from my latest crop.  They are sooooo happy, man!

  6. I believe it possible that a lot of stuff that passes for governance in Dáil Eireann is more probably the carry-on of Fianna Fáil Ministers trying to avoid getting caught up in the downfall of the lesbitch Harney.

  7. Kerryview – Have you any use for five llamas and three goats?  Fucking things are destroying the garden.

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