A spoiled vote — 23 Comments

  1. Sean – No, but the school was.

    JP – Welcome!  I wanted to vote ‘yes’ to piss off Coir, but I wanted to vote ‘no’ to piss off Biffo.  The rock and the hard place?

  2. Just vote yes. The rationale being your country will save a lot of money by not repeating the election process every year. I mean you’re fucked anyhoo; they will win in the end.

  3. There was Anarchist graffiti at the LSE when I was a student there a long time ago,
    “Whoever you vote for, the politicians get in”.
    I didn’t have a vote to spoil, but the Coir guys are frightening, Libertas are sinister, and the UKIP man who came over is plain obnoxious.
    I urged people to vote ‘No’ last time, this time, I couldn’t be arsed.

  4. Neighbour – I hope I didn’t spoil your electoral epectations?

    TT – Roll on Lisbon XIV !!

    XBox – You still on holidays?

    Ian – At least in this one, we don’t gain any extra politicians.   As for the gangsters and weirdos [on both sides] – they sort of cancelled each other out.

  5. I’ve made my return.
    No possibility to vote for me, but I did convince my sister to vote yes, solely to agitate my brother.

  6. I’m leaving it until 1 second to 10 on the basis there’ll be only be one vote in it!
    GD will be forever musing ‘if only….’
    (Ha, who am i kidding, all the OAPs round here are voting yes because quote “we need the money”!)

  7. Mick – I believe you missed the vote by ten seconds?  I think you need a better watch.

    Welcome Arhonda!  That excuse is as old as the hills.  Admit it – you couldn’t be arsed?

  8. So let’s see if I have this right. All the old, crusty (figuratively speaking of course) Irish folks who voted “No” last time couldn’t be arsed this time so the “Yes” vote will  take it by 53% give or take a bit. Yup, I think that’s a fair prediction on my part, what do you think? I’ll buy the first round if I’m wrong.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Twas the night before the referendum =-.

  9. I was sure you would stick to your original thoughts and vote No.
    At least a spoiled vote is better that a No vote.
    How did you spoil it?  What did you write?

  10. Kirk M – I’m sorry to say that I think you will be buying that first round.  We shall drink to the memory of democracy.

    AM – How is a spoiled vote better than a no vote?

  11. I was going to vote No, then the taxi drivers pissed me off and make me want to spoil.

    Then I went ahead and voted no anyway. Didn’t want to ruin the magic of my first ever official vote 😛

  12. A spoiled vote is better (in my opinion) because it is not counted as a No vote, when I was hoping for a Yes (especially since I am not able to vote because the political classes are scared to give Irish people outside the country).
    A spoiled vote is just that.  Neither yes nor no, but counted in terms of turnout.

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