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  1. I liked yout idea, awhile ago, that changing to driving on the right should be taken slowly.  Maybe one county at a time or just lorries for a week, to get people use to the idea.

  2. I remember something at the American Museum at Bath about the custom in the US of driving on the right arising from the way the waggons were built.
    Given that most people are right-handed and that the right hand is therefore stronger, it makes sense that the hand that remains on the steering wheel is the right one, which means having other controls operated with the left hand and driving on the left.
    Eventually everyone will understand, as, in the end, everyone will speak English, even the Americans.

  3. Is there not something about the right hand generally being the sword hand, and thus the Romans used to drive [chariot?] on the left so they could practice their road rage in freedom?  The popes then declared that to be the legal side, and Napoleon [or someone] declared the right to be the legal side just to piss off the popes?  Maybe I’m wrong?

  4. The reason everyone drives on the right is because the old USAC found that driver preferred to drive in circles anti-clockwise rather than clockwise. However, since the drivers were too used to driving like that, they then drove on the right all the time, forcing the entire country to adjust to compensate.

    Hence why most landmasses with an oval speedway forces people to drive on the right. (Notable exceptions: UK, Oz, Japan)

  5. I suppose you’ve told Herself of your driving intentions once you arrive in your native land? Or are you leaving it as a nice surprise?
    Perhaps we should all drive like they do in Boston, MA? They just drive on any side they want to–even the sidewalks. The pedestrians take just their chances.

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