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  1. You’re right about the budget sorting it out. Apparently the fact that 70% of what we pay for petrol and diesel here is tax isn’t good enough for Gormless. By all accounts this stupid, feckless and idiotic carbon tax will add another 5 – 8 c per litre.

  2. Robert – And that in turn will be passed on to us in higher retail prices because the cost of shipping goes up.  So we pay twice.

  3. We saved all our receipts in West Virginia and sat down a few weeks ago to compare. Many things are sold by the gallon there instead of litre: milk, petrol, coffee, ice cream, anything–so it took some working out.

    In the end we discovered that the lower cost of living we enjoyed there actually offset the cost of all five of our airline tickets.

    Most things were half the price of things here, or lower, and the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables was amazing. And yes, I do expect it to get worse before it gets better.

  4. This country sucks. I really have to convince the Mrs. to move. So are you coming back or what? My friend’s parents are not, they now live on the canals in France.

  5. Thrifty – Your friend’s parents are the sensible ones.  Unfortunately, I shall be making my way back over the next few days.

  6. Welcome Minx!  Yup.  Those bricks are handy.  I wonder if they would ever consider selling Gunness in those?

  7. Grandad,  You prompted me to post a receipt of my latest purchases in France – notably wine. Mad mad mad prices. I thought it prudent to write to you now before I opened the plonk.
    Sante (can’t do the fada)

  8. Kerry –  You old bugger!!  That’s only about seventy miles from where I am now.  Why didnt you stay on a couple of days, and we could have had a pint or five?  [of wine, of course].

    Santé.  Heh!

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