Another threat to life — 8 Comments

  1. Sean – Of course you can.   Aren’t they already paying out millions a year on taxi fares?  One more won’t make any difference.

  2. Dear paps,
    you may recall Fine Gael did attempt to curb walking whan they tried to put VAT on shoes years ago….or maybe my memory is not too good.
    btw, I’m back after a year.
    keep up the good shit

  3. Kerryview – Welcome back!  You were missed [and I have stuck you back on the side thingy].  Yes – The famous Garret Fitgerald government.  I always knew he had the right ideas, but he was a bit before his time.

    The same study did also show that all those who had been anywhere near walkers had died too, so yes – passive walking is potentially lethal.

  4. You are on to them now, Grandad. The same thing is done regularly with stats both at home and internationally.

    Obviously smoking is bad for you. But then again we all give up in the end. Statistically speaking the worst drug in the world and the cause of the most unhappiness isn’t smoking or drinking or illicit drugs. Its the desire to govern the lives of others.


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