Renumbering the lifeboats — 8 Comments

  1. Chris P – I see the cost is now ten million!!  If they can’t even get the cost right??  Once again, this is just another pathetic attempt to be ‘one of the gang’.  Everyone else has one so we must have one.

  2. Its a small island. It only has one city I think with anything near a million in it. Our postmen and women generally know where streets are and then there is a simple numbering system on the doors.

    Why do I suddenly get the feeling that somewhere in Ireland there is a small well-connected logistics company which needs a fruity contract?

  3. 15 Million? All they need is a civil servant who wasn’t doing anything anyway (no shortage of them)  to work their way through google maps with a pen and paper!
    So, now we have your PPS number then?
    Indeed greeners, get with the program and pull out.

  4. ‘The plan will be pitched by the Government as a boost for the troubled postal service.’;
    -Why not go the whole hog and set up Fás courses for town criers and pigeon trainers?

  5. I must say I cannot see the logic of this at this time.

    Jobs for the boys?  More than likely.

    Fiddling while Rome burns?  Definitely.

  6. We have more people here in metro Atlanta than in Eire. So I don’t see why you would need a post code system. Of course we are all paddling around in kayaks this morning.

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