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  1. Taking Panoramic photos? Are you sure you are over 40?
    Did you get a youngin to help you with the technology?

  2. Seamus – As I keep saying, the photographs do not do the place justice.  That especially goes for the panorama.  The view point is about three hundred feet above the river and there is a 180 degree view that is quite breathtaking.

    TT – Jayzus but you’re a miserable bollix!  I dedicate a whole thing to you and all you can do is whinge about prices?  It was fucking good duck, and the portions were very generous.  What do you want?  Fucking caviar?

    SAm – It’s hardly rocket science?  Point, click, swing, click, swing, click and then paste ’em together?  I may be old, but I ain’t stoopid.

  3. It’s been pissing down here in the sunbelt for over a week. It’s grey miserable and wet. It’s Dublin and it’s Monday morning. No sunflowers from me today.

  4. TT – That explains it!!  😉

    It’s Monday here too.  I’m sitting outside, stripped to the waist, and it is around 33 degrees.  How many sunflowers do you want?  Heh!

  5. GD, you’ve finally stepped-up. 
    What did “tt” say?   I have no french, only American, err, English and that no so good as you may have surmised.

  6. Brighid – Roughly translated – “You are too kind, my friend”.

    In return, could you please translate “stepped-up”?

  7. Thanks for the rough t of the french. 
    Stepped-up:   In reference to “I mean photos of steps. Come on.”     Guess a bit of twisted step humor got lost in translation.

  8. What a beautiful place. I swear I’d enjoy myself just walking around (yeah, and taking photos). When I was younger and being carted around the globe in a 300 foot ocean going sewer tube, every port we pulled into would see me hitting the bricks on foot and I wouldn’t be back for 2 or 3 days (as long as I didn’t have duty). You see so much more of the good stuff that way.
    So I can well see exactly how you find a place like that so enjoyable. I’d be willing stay there a month also. (Of course, there is the fact that you’re not tt in any way, shape or form).
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Come meet the new car. Same as the old car. =-.

  9. Kirk M – Being so far inland, Domme is the kind of place you would have missed out on.  Today we just farted around the house – well – we farted around the garden mainly as it was another beautiful day.  Tomorrow, we are going to have another look at Domme.  I promise I won’t bore anyone with photographs though.

    You’re right – I’m not TT.  I’m not sure he is either…..

  10. Beautiful! I’d love to be there with you two, and I live in a “tourist destination.” Screw Palm Springs, it’s the desert. The rolling french country-side seems very appealing after having been stuck here for several years.

  11. The question shouldn’t be ‘What do you do all day?’
    It should be ‘How the Hell does anyone work at all in a place like this?’
    I spent 7 months in France, and guess what I did during that 7 months? -Absolutely nothing! I’d love to do it all again, and your posts are making me more eager to do it sooner rather than later.
    More photos, please.

  12. Please, bore me some more (somehow that didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to). I could use some more photos like those.

  13. RhodesTer – If the two of you were here, the craic would be mighty.  Start saving for next year!  🙂

    Chris P – That is something that struck me.  Most people don’t seem to work.  They just laze around in the sun with the windows open, so if the phone rings, they can amble in and answer it.  Shopkeepers seem to spend their time gossiping on the pavements, or having a biere in the cafe across the road, where they can watch the shop.  Now that is the way to do business.

    Captain – It took me sixty years to earn this.  Don’t forget that.

    Kirk M – We are planning to go back to Domme again tomorrow today.  Watch this space.

  14. Fine photos once again, and again I have to admire the stonework of the houses, steps and garden walls.  I also like the way they encourage growth of creeper and ferns on the walls. There is a nice blend of farmland and village and a determination to prevent unnecessary urban encroachment on the countryside.  What do these French villagers have that so many Irish townlands lack?  Self respect and pride of place.

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