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  1. Watch out for the hornets Grandad. They are electronic drones released from the American Embassy in Paris.

    They are trying to find out what confers elegance on a people. You watch, as soon as Langley have some conclusions on that France will be back on the Axis of Won’t Do What We Tell Them list and it’ll be all Freedom Flies- er, Fries and such again.

  2. If you lived where I live where there never is any wind or breeze, other than the odd twister; you would welcome a good gale. Clears the sinuses.

    I am curious about something, though GD, and I mean no offence. What do you actually do there for a month? Picturesque as it is, and I know the area, a month there would bore the shit out of me. I mean photos of steps. Come on! Is this why you keep up with politics in the homeland on a daily basis?

  3. Captain Con – I thought America had finally seen sense and stopped telling the world what to do?  And Langley had better come up with something a bit more robust, that can withstand a wee spray and a swatter?

    TT – I never welcome a good gale, sinuses or not.  What do I do all day?  Lots.  We go for drives, or just sit in the sun.  Today we buggered over to Domme for the afternoon and had a meal there.  When I’m not doing those, I go for walks and I am doing a lot of writing.  The Buke won’t write itself, you know?  And I think they are rather nice steps.

  4. Your photos illustrate how people can use a locally abundant resource – stones – to create a cosy beauty. In Ireland in recent years a lot of nice stone houses have been erected around the countryside. I am always amazed when travelling in continental Europe at how they constructed medieval towns and villages around the contours of hills. Put up several more photos before you finish your French holiday.

  5. Welcome Wally!  One of the great attractions of this area is the building.  The French have also taken a very strict attitude to development so the old architecture is preserved throughout the region.  There ain’t no bungalow blitz here!!  Unfortunately, photographs don’t do it justice, but I do my best.

    Stay tuned.

  6. Love summer storms . . cool the air and the lightening’s spectacular . . .beautiful part of the world you’re in though I’m really enjoying your pics. Sorry but commenting is still very slow from the antipodes. I share your hatred of wind. September is a very windy month for us. Messy, shit falling off trees. I hate it.

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