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  1. Part of being Irish is pushing the boundaries and seeing how much you can get away with. Once caught you fuck it up for everyone especially those who were being sensible.
    John O’Donoghue and his €1,400 limo transfer being a case in point. Rody Molloy being another.

  2. Robert – Sadly I think you have nailed it.  For the last couple of decades the Cute Hoor style of politics has ingraned itself right through the system, so now people have the attitude that it is the norm to screw the system and that ‘responsibility’ is a dirty word.

    Fucking depressing……

  3. Yep. What Robert said. I’m getting out of here asap anyway. Hope you’re enjoying the hols Grandad.

  4. It’s sad, ol’ dad, but all the things you note about how the Irish are being treated are also true here in the U.S.

    In fact, even just to pen this note.

    Enjoy you vacation.

    Oh, and post me back some M-80s, will you? I want to <blow the shit out of surpise the block captain…
    .-= Doc´s last brainfart .. A WNBTv PSA in Honor of X.O.’s Senescence =-.

  5. Terence – The way things are going, I may join you.  Or rather, I may just not bother my arse returning in the first place.

    Doc – I thought you were treated with a little more respect Over There?  I mean they allow you to buy guns don’t they?  Can you imagine the Irish being allowed to buy guns?  For fuck’s sake, we might actually hurt someone.  [*Too fucking right.  Ahern would be first in my sights.  Heh!*]

  6. We’re limited to buying 24 Nurofen tablets at a time…? I’ve never had any issues buying 48 at once…

  7. Grandad, the ‘Irish attitude’ to ‘knick what you can’ may be somewhat true alrite…

    On the tablets though, I think (tho don’t ask me to source it) that its to do with suicide prevention… i.e, have a lesser amount of tablets…
    … which ties into something else actually, the attitude towards drink (namely, stop drunks going for an overdose)..
    .. and Fireworks too.. drunk Irish people + easily available fireworks? Tho, I suppose its a good idea really, as otherwise we might aim them all at the Dáil, get some use out of our politicians!

  8. TheChrisD – Looks light you may have an enlightened chemist on your hands?  As far as I am aware they are not supposed to sell more than 24 at a time.

    John – Is every Irish person to be considered a suicide risk?  I agree about the drink though.  I didn’t mention it above but I have not seen anyone drinking more than a glass of beer here.  Occasionally, someone will have a second glass but that is about it.  The Irish do have an apalling attitude to drink, and it seems to be getting worse.  The modern teen seems to think that a “good night out” is a case of getting hammered as quickly as possible.

    I have always been agast at the very lax gun laws in the states, but I am beginning to wonder – if guns were so freely available in Ireland, would the politicians be a tad more respectful???   Food for thought?  Hah!

  9. I’ve just found another example of this in the breaking news section of The Irish Times – Catholics can vote yes to Lison… isn’t that a relief?
    Our catholic community, or those still hanging on to it, didn’t know what to do – – have to be friggin’ told, it’s OK good children, you’re not going to hell if you vote ‘yes’. What a load of bollix!

  10. Dorothy – I am sooo glad to hear that.  I really was wrestling with my conscience.  Is is OK for Catholics to vote no as well??

    Sean – Head Rambles Manor, Kill, Co Wicklow.  Just watch out for the minefields, the electric fences and the mad neighbour’s dog.  Oh!  And our K8 is staying there so you have to watch out for a rabid TAT as well.

    with a unique turn of phrase”  Heh!

  11. Not a bit scared of rabid dogs or Princess Di’s necklaces but after K8’s run-in with the provisional wing of An Taisce, I’m staying well out of her way.

  12. I sometimes visit a restaurant in Anncey. It is on the edge of a tall cliff. The area is popular with parasails and hang gliders. They built a wooden platform over hanging the cliff to launch from.
    In the USA that would never happen. There would be a fence, warning signs, legal wavers to be signed, guards, and even then the restaurant would never be able to get insurance for fear someone might get hurt.
    I ask my French colleagues about this. The answer, if you fall off the platform, it is your fault, why should the restaurant pay?

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