More lies from ASH — 6 Comments

  1. Well done Grandad and when you take into acount the extra taxes we pay on tobacco products we’re propably subsidising healthcare for the rest.

  2. At last Begorrah the good old Irish landlords
    stage a protest in the Taoshits office,their
    should have been more but the Lienster and
    Munster Jaunting Carriage Company were short
    staffed due to pig flu and famine.Ah well enjoy

  3. TT – I am as calm as a stilled lake.  As always.  I hope to be the same person at the endof the month though.  Who else would I be?

    Your Highness – It’s funny how they never mention that when they talk about cost to society?    Selective amnesia caused by lack of nicotine?

    Barrus – I hope you know what you’re on about, because I haven’t a fucking clue.

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