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  1. I havn’t drove a car for many years now but still have my license.  Every month we northerners from Freedom2 Choose meet at a pub in Drighlington, not far from Bradford, (where we can smoke INSIDE as the landlord is fighting this nanny state ban.
    One of our members lives not far from me (Darlington) and gives me a lift to these meetings. A week gone Sunday we were winding our merry way to the meeting and, bored I suppose, I started reading the many signs en route I thought,  WTF?  Yep, there was that sign saying xxx number of drivers were killed on that particular piece of road.  Every roundabout we came to had the ‘obligatory’ sign signalling “turn left for the car boot sale or garden centre” etc.  As a matter of fact, every roundabout that had grass was obscured by the daftest of signs.
    One sign I didn’t see though was “turn right for your tobacco products!”  It’s against the law, don’t you know.
    I suppose it’s a sign of the times eh…lolol.

  2. BigYin – It is many many years since I last drove in the UK [come to think of it, 41 years?  Jayzus how time flies!] but it sounds like the two countries are very similar.  Of course a lot of these signs are the Nanny State in action again – ‘mind your speed’, ‘speed kills’, ‘wear your seatbelt’ and shite like that.

    I wonder just how many people see a sign saying ‘X people killed last year’ and immediately stop the car in case they are next?  Hah!

  3. Amen.
    I especially like having to stop at the rent-a-stoplight (after passing six warning signs that the stoplight was ahead/300m/200m/100m/imminent) while the boys in yellow spend two days putting up yet another one.  We live in one of the remotest areas there is, but some stretches of our roads look like Vegas without the neon, there are so many signs on both sides.

    With so many people out of work, it would be lovely if a few good men could be hired to take the signs all down. Of course for every man taking down a sign, there needs to be another fellow to supervise him, and another fellow to turn the STOP/SLOW sign at the oncoming cars, then another fellow to hold the shovel, and finally a youngest one to make tea for them all before they start, halfway through, and when they’ve finished. That’s how it works, right?

  4. I was just comtemplating the issue of road signage myself.
    Was dropping a passenger off in Phibsboro yesterday, en rout from Ardee to Wexford. There were so many “Yes” and “No” posters around the city centre, it was next to impossible to see or follow the (in themselves hideous and ridiculous) new-fangled Junction signage that has sprouted up around the fair inner city…
    I gave up, and kept heading south until I reached the countryside…

  5. Susan – Don’t be giving the Gubmint ideas.  They’ll have us all out digging up things, like they used to in the Famine times.

    Francis – One of the huge pleasures of this holiday is missing the worst of the electioneering posters.  They drive me mad.  Not only are they a blight on the landscape, I doubt that they would sway anyone except for the seriously deranged.

    TT –  Yes.  *yawn*

  6. Yeh we’re mad freaky for signs here. Mostly advertising and road signs but some that warn ‘speed camera ahead’ which is rather nice of them!

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