Sunday in Street S’eye Prine — 9 Comments

  1. Brianf – Leave Roger alone.  Anyway, Thibaud would only make me think of Cunt Cowen.

    TT – Heh!  Yes – electrocuted.  They are rebuilding the place and either I ran over some exposed cables or there was one hell of a build up of static.  Either way, there was a crack and a wee flash, and I got stung.

  2. Ian – That’s what I discovered.  Leclerc open every day except Sunday.  Champion open seven days, but close at midday on Sunday.  I’m not sure about any Intermarche in this region?


  3. Ah, but you’re on holiday in a foreign land remember? Just be glad that you actually found what you needed on a Sunday. BTW, I did a Google search on “Street S’eye Prine” and all I got was your post (it took up the first two top spots on the list), no wonder Roger was a bit confused. Seeing this plus the fact that the third position of the search was something about California, I didn’t bother looking at the rest. Good job on the SEO, sir.

  4. Kirk M – One thing that has always amused me about this site is how quickly Google seem to pick up on it.  They must like me?

  5. TT – Only in America.  And even then only if you have done something really serious like smoking in the street in San Francisco?

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