I am not interested — 9 Comments

  1. What?  I can’t even spam people to try and sell my products anymore?
    I hereby revoke my offer of 82% off.
    May you remain flacid for ever more.  I’ve also kidnapped Sharon.

  2. Maxi  – Your revocation ain’t working!  You are now offering 85% off?  As for kidnapping Sharon – no chance.  I have her too well guarded to worry over a threat like that.

  3. Maybe it is a legitamte Canadian pharmacy spoofing the IP and user agent of some guy in Russia.  I mean, we all know how honest and forthright these guys in Russia are with their emails.  Right? 😉

  4. Maxi C  Please send any extra samples you might have to Himself, he’s been moaning around here about his bad ankle giving him fits.  So I was thinking  if he took enough of that stuff:  1  He would have a third leg to walk on,  and quit whining, or 2  He would kill himself with all the other meds he’s on, and quit whining.  Either way…

  5. The intervase. I’m told that much of the activity on the net is related to pornography. And the remainder seems to be dominated by offers for Viagra. I can only conclude that there is a relentless amount of activity going on out there in the world and not much of it prudent nor profitable.

    Makes you wonder how many Air Condom flights are solo.

  6. I see that my little spam redirection Add-on for Thunderbird I whipped up is working well. Hope you don’t mind that I used your email address for a test run. I thought it might give you something else to post about if you happened to be  in need of quick and easy subject matter.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. Life takes precedence =-.

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