Thibaud and Cowen — 14 Comments

  1. I still hate Bertie more. Smug little fuck that he is, got out before the shit hit the fan.
    Strictly speaking most unpopular government, this country has had the FF gimps in power the vast majority of the time since it started pretending to be democratic.

  2. I don’t want come across a political, as I a surly not not a political person…I would be the last man up to vote of Greasy Biffy and co…but I recon a ‘yes’ vote would be a good vote….all thing considered…..

  3. How’s the “getting away from it all” thing going ?
    Cowen will still be there when you get back. Or are you back already ?

  4. “…the most unpopular party since the founding of the state.”

    But we, the Irish people, voted them in the last time, not that long ago. And, unfathomably, we’ll probably do it again.
    Fianna Fáil and cunts like Cowen and Bertie are never going to change. What’s really worrying is that not enough people care enough to even bother changing their voting habits of a lifetime.
    .-= Andrew´s last brainfart .. Poke =-.

  5. Thrifty – I couldn’t agree more.  While Cowen is rightly getting the stick, that greasy little fucker is one of the main architects of Ireland’s downfall.   Ringsend Sewage Station should be renamed in his honour.

    Bubbles – But we already voted.  The answer was no.  So why are we voting again?  Nothing has changed.

    TT – There is no getting away from that lot.  Anyway, long range missiles are more fun than short range ones.

    Andrew – Surely things have to change now?  Surely those fucking idiots who voted FF back in the last time must see the error of their ways?  Maybe not.  *sigh*

  6. They changed the name of the exam ??????  Then that’s the end of the nudge nudge jokes about what Inter  courses everyone was taking. Jasus,  is nothing sacred? 

  7. Jesus Christ ( and I don’t use that very often, Crough Patrick and all that) sounds like the US, all fucked-up and no one wants to care….God, Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, Christy Moore, pray for us all!!!!!!!

  8. Ah Grandad, did’nt you hear? The treaty has ‘significant differences’ according to Mr Justice Liam McKechnie.
    John Burke ‘ll tell you, or am i losing the plot!
    I’m also wondering if all the other states will now have to re-ratify the treaty as they still think nothing has changed!?
    Confused? you will be!

  9. Well played, Grandad. The sky won’t fall in, rivers will not start running uphill and Mary Harney will not win the Dublin Marathon if Ireland votes no.

    Also, if this Lisbon abortion gets shot down there will be recriminations within the European Unions and it will be funny to watch Merkel, Sarkozy running around flapping their arms anyway

    To hell or to Brussels with ’em!

    All for getting on with the neighbours etc but I won’t take orders from them.

  10. Paulo – Yes.  They changed it.  All the good old jokes about the Inter Course were too much for them.

    John O – You really have no idea how fucked up.  I used to think the States were bad…..

    Mick – Significant differences, my hole.  They cannot change the treaty, otherwise all the others would have to ratify again.  It is exactly, precisely and identically the same treaty.  The only difference is a few “assurances” that have been given.  And if you believe those assurances, you might as well go pray to a tree stump in Limerick.

    Cap’n – If the treaty is rejected, then the EU have a problem.  Why?  Because they were too arrogant to assume that it could be rejected and made no alternative plans.  Their problem, not ours.

  11. The problem Grandad is that we the people never voted (not in numbers anyway)…meaning….not enough people got off their ass’ and went to the polling stations and voted.  It wasn’t really a ‘no’ vote but a ‘non’ vote.  If its going to be no then a majority of the voting numbers should come out and vote no.  No should not win by default.

  12. Bubbles – With all due respect, that is a daft argument.  Any election result is based on the number of valid votes.  If 99% of the population stay at home, the 1% is still a valid election.  You can argue until you are blue in the face that all the absentees would have voted ‘yes’, but I will counter by saying they all would have voted ‘no’.  No one knows and therefore the opinions of non-voters are of no consequence whatsoever.

  13. In my humble opinion voting should be manditory and non-voting should be a civil offence subject to a small fine of , oh lets say 15 Euro. So if you don’t want to be bothered to spend an hour of your incredibly valuable time to step down to the voting place then the price of a couple of pints will be added to your rates and no bother to anyone. After a few elections there’ll be enough in the kitty to pay someone to pick up all those disgustingly ugly election posters that somehow seem to hang around in ditches and hedgerows for a decade or so after the bullshit is over. On the other hand if by some weird alchemy the threat of the fine ( it does represent two pints after all ) actually gets a significant number of arses out to the polling booths then that’s a victory of another order all together. Can anyone spell decomracy?

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