Grandad is not on holidays — 17 Comments

  1. doesn’t the tourist trade help finance this as well? or does the fence take too much of a cut on the goods?

  2. Has Sandy found herself a French boyfriend yet, hey you could end up with a puppy that answers to ‘asseoir’ or ‘venir’ or even ‘recevez mon journal pour moi!’
    Or maybe the poor girl has been left behind, locked up, whilst ye enjoy a swanny!
    Who says i’m envious!

  3. S Mum – The tourist thing barely keeps us off the breadline in Ireland.  Have you any idea how expensive it is to live in Ireland?

    Mick – Alas, poor Snady!  We thought long and hard, but decided she would be happier staying with some pals.  This country is a tad too hot for a dog who constantly wears a very thick fur coat.

  4. I didn’t think Google paid that much… unless you were an extremely popular YouTube celebrity making a living off of the partner program posting 3 minute long vlogs every other month.

  5. OK so that does it!  Today I asked my boss if I could take off for the south of franceland for a month and work from there.
    Ya’ know what she said?
    I would tell you but then this web site wouldn’t be family friendly anymore.
    But with all that said I don’t feel so bad because the area where I live is similar to what Grandad describes.
    Although our weather here is quite changeable we have cold and snowy winters and hot and sunny summers for the most part

  6. TT – Just get in touch with my agent.

    TheChrisD – Google?  GOOGLE?   Mwahahaha!!  No.  I have done a deal with a local drug baron.  I smuggle heroin around the world concealed inside each letter I type.  Ingenius?  I thought so.

    Brianf – Since when was this site family friendly?  Nobody tells me nothin’.

  7. Ever thought of retiring there? It’s not far from home and you could holiday in Ireland during the summer. And I believe the health system is second to none!

  8. I am sure there are many people in Ireland, and other countries, that would pay you a considerable amount of money… Not to appear on your web site.

  9. Baino – The thought has more than crossed my mind.  It is very tempting.  We have toyed with several possibilities.  Our ideal would be to have two homes, but the budget won’t stretch to that.  Our ultimat ideal would be to spend most of the year here, with a few months in Ireland over the winter – time will tell….

  10. Enjoying France ?????????????????????/
    You must live in the Protestant part of Glasnevn

    Obviously ,not a DNA Celt

    Penultimate Templar

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