Ring roads and rings — 14 Comments

  1. Thrifty – Jayzus but you could sing that if you had an air to it.  There are some real crackers wndering around.  The stuff of sweeeet dreams.  Heh!

  2. I though your style might be one of those transmitters with a GPS in it. You can implant them in your dog or fix them to your snazzy car. May be an issue with the battery though.

  3. Neighbour – I had one of those implanted in our Snady, and had another to implant in Herself.  I lost the damned thing.  I must have another search……

    Liv – Hush!  Herself might read this.

    TT – You say the nicest things.  You have given be an idea though – suppose I magnetised the ring?  😈

    Sixty – Thank you, kind sir.

  4. I would not recommend putting a tracker on the missus – you’ve got no getout when you really do want to ‘lose’ her.
    Imagine, she wants you to pick her up from the shoe shop… you head off and she is’nt there. You might know there’s about 5 shoe shops in town, but now you’ve got the excuse to pop into the boozer for a quick sip.
    Darling i searched high and low, it was thirsty work!
    If you’ve got the tracker on her, she’s got the clock on you!

  5. Such a dear man Wanting To chain himself to the fair lady. 
    You might want to rethink this one.

  6. Cutesy backyards, hot air balloons over the valley, medevil cities, clean rivers… and now you’re buying rings for herself!!!!
    You need to get back to that island with all the clouds over it.
    You haven’t mentioned Brian Cowan or FF in quite awhile now.
    The world just isn’t right with you in franceland.
    I miss reading about you bitching and complaining about the Irish summer weather and your gub’mint.
    I hope you have had a wonderful vacation but it’s time for you to return your beam-bending butt back home and continue with your commentary on Irish life.
    Geez!  Enough is enough!

  7. tt – Ali who?  Don’t worry about the iron thing – a bit of EPNS always fooled her.

    Brighid – Jayzus” I don’t want to chain her to me.  I want to chain her where I can find her again [if I want to[.

    Brianf – Strange as it may seem, I had a little scribble done up when I read your ever so nice comment.  Maybe you would like to read today’s little offering?

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