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  1. I think that place is too beautiful, or too sunny, to leave.
    Definitely, you should extend your stay while working on those camera settings; I know I would.

  2. with all the rain and grey here it’s nice to see that the sun is out somewhere.  Beautiful pictures too 🙂

  3. my my what lovely photos i think you have found your ture calling of becoming a great photographer. Just so youknow its always best to catch my right sight. Now wheres my lippy and hairbrush

  4. Susan – I have every intention of staying until I get them right!!  😉

    S Mum – Thanks!  Yes – the sun is well known in these spots.  In fact, it can be too bloody hot at times.  Shit!  Can’t believe I just said that?

    Vicky – I doubt if I could ever be called a great photographer.  It’s too damned easy in this place.  By the way – all you have to do is flash a smile!

    TT – About ten miles?  We passed by on the way here and stopped of in the local shop for old time’s sake.

  5. Come on now ,Granpa,you’re kidding us with the
    Dordogne hols bit surely,thats were you go when
    life’s fruits have gone off.The stomping ground of
    England’s middle class wine sniffers,Agatha Christie
    fans and look alike Van Goghs.
    You’de have been better off spending a month in a
    tent outside Greystones or locked up in Bray.

    Anyway who on God’s earth visits toss holes like
    France and Ireland where they treat smokers like lepers.
    My ancestors endured a thousand years being treated
    like vermin,I’me buggered if I’me going to keep that tradition up. I’lle only patronise countries who treat
    their fellow humans with respect and dignity.

    Boru’s wolfhound

  6. Nice shots, G’dad. What model camera are you using if I may ask? I have a aging (really aging) Kodak digital that badly needs replacing.
    What a beautiful place. I’d be all over that town on the hill just for the sake of doing it. Hope you and your camera survive and tell Herself I said hi.

  7. Barrus – Unfortunately the dark shadow of the Nanny State has spread too wide for me to afford to avoid it on my pension.  As for going to the Dordogne, as an honorary member of the Société pour le Tournage de Touristes, I am having a fucking ball here.

    Kirk M -It’s a Canon PowerShot SX10IS.  Yiz can find out more about it here.  I would highly recommend it.

  8. Grandad, the auto settings on cameras these days are so good that if your subject matter is as gorgeous as yours and the light as good, you’ll have no trouble. They’re fantastic photos.

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