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  1. I too was forced to watch it.
    It’s proper cringe tv especially when the “Texan Rose” decides to put on cowboy boots and a hat and partake in some Oirish dancing.
    If you’re born in Ireland, you’re Irish.  You’re not Irish if you’re great great great great great great great great granny fucked a leprechaun.

  2. Ah Grandad have a heart!
    Sounds like ye were all chained to yer chairs by the boss!
    (we know the secret truth though – it’s irresistable!)

  3. a second thought – ye could always get out in the garden and prune/cut the grass around the manor – hey you might find Sandy, i hear she’s lost in the forest!

  4. Try a bit of star gazing – its much more fun and there’s nothing to swear at!!!
    Did Herself enjoy it??????

  5. Maxi – What are ya doin’ tonight?  Fancy a pint?

    Mick – I was sitting in my chair minding my own business, but this thing was blaring at me half the night.  Did I have a choice?  No.  Not unless I went and sat in the garden but it was too fucking chilly for that.  As for your second suggestion – that I mow the lawns?  Have you ever tried mowing the lawns at ten at night?  I thought not.

    Kate – Star gazing is something I do the odd time.  And the only reason I don’t do it more often [for example, like alst night] is because thaere are big black fuck-off raincouds in the way.  Herself had exacly the same opinion as myself.  At least, she had better have, or she’s in trouble again.

    Incidentally, there was a typo in the article what I wrote – I said that a “rose” had tried to ‘strange’ Ray D’Arcy, which was an interesting use of the language??  I fixed it anyway, despite no one noticing.  Humph!

  6. The Poser of Tralee is lacking something spectacular, Maybe if little D’arcy was dressed
    in a Leprechaun suit it would look more appealing. I’m sure Foster and Allen still have a suit to lend him.  He could really “Irish” it up by throwing in a few “woohoo’s jeysus your a thick wan” while jovially slapping their tightly bound asses.

  7. Kate – You would indeed!

    Welcome, Common Man!  I agree that something spectacular wouldn’t go amiss.  However I would suggest something along the lines of a ton or two of dynamit under the stage.  That would liven things up?

    Maxi – Too knackered.  All will be clear tomorrow.

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